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1) In your post, please address the following:

Stress and Work Performance (Links to an external site.)

(web address if the link does not work: (Links to an external site.))

Review the above article that discusses the relationship between stress and work performance. In the article, you will read about 40 participants that volunteered to be in the survey, in which they shared their data on both stress and work performance. A linear regression test was used to determine if there is an existing relationship between the two factors.

Usually, 20 data points are needed to make enough points as to not show bias. Does the scatter plot look linear? In your own words, what did the research show? Is there a correlation between stress and work performance? Discuss the R value and how it relates to the strength of the variables.

2) Continue to read further down in the article, which discussed the variables of stress and workload among the same sample population. Is this graph more linear? Explain your answer.

3) discuss the different forms of insulin, compare rapid-, short-, intermediate-, and long-acting insulins regarding their onset of action, peak effects, and duration of action.

4)discuss the important nursing implications for the different types of insulin

5) Many study designs use a paired t-test to determine how intervention effects a population. Through the library, find an article that used a paired t-test. State the name of the measurement tool that was used for the pretest/posttest and explain how it was administered (by hand, through email, by the physician or nurse).

Discuss the results of the study. With the use of the paired t-test, was the observer able to reject the null hypothesis? Why or why not? (Some studies will not explicitly state what the hypothesis is)

6) Consider how an outlier would impact the t-test study used in the initial post. Should the outlier be discarded? Why or why not?

7) describe the difference between two types of anti-hypertensive medications. For example difference between beta blocker and calcium channel blocker.

8) discuss the rationale for nonpharmacologic management of hypertension.

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