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Clinical Experience Worksheet

program requires three Guided Clinical experiences that will require
you to teach at least two lessons to a small or whole group. For each
of these lessons, the clinical experience teacher at your placement
site will use the Guided Clinical experience Rubric to evaluate your
performance on the pre-assessment, instruction, post-assessment, and
reflection of the lesson. Refer to the Guided Clinical Experience
resources in your Teacher Education Handbook for further information
on how to submit the rubric to your clinical experience teacher.

the instructions below to ensure you complete all necessary
components of the Guided Clinical experience.

Site Demographics

the following information about the school and class demographics
at your placement site:

  1. Type of school (public/charter/private)
  2. School diversity (predominant demographics, specialized populations
  3. Title I school? (Y/N)
  4. Content area and grade level
  5. Student diversity in class (special education, remedial education,
    English language learners, gifted and talented, ethnic or cultural)

Describe how this information will influence your approach to
teaching this group of students.

Guided Clinical

Complete the following steps and observations. Write your
responses on a separate document and submit the file along with your
Lesson Plan Template to your course instructor.

Part 3:
Post-Assessment (Domain 3)

  1. As part of your lesson delivery, conduct a post-assessment to
    determine the extent to which students met the lesson objectives.
    Select one of the following:

    • Create and administer the post-assessment
    • Administer a teacher-prepared post-assessment
    • Observe a teacher administering a post-assessment
    • Collect post-assessment data from clinical experience teacher
  1. What assessment was used? How did you or the teacher score the
  2. What does the data tell you?

    • What were the students’ key areas of opportunities and strengths?
    • How did the students perform on the post-assessment in relation to
      the pre-assessment?
    • How can post-assessment data inform your future instruction?
    • Provide a graphic representation of the results.

Part 4: Reflection
(Domain 4)

your observations and thoughts on your lesson delivery in an informal
anecdotal record or journal. This record does not need to be
APA-formatted, but will accompany the submission of your paper.

reflective questions such as: What went well? What didn’t go well?
How did you feel? How did the students respond? What could you do

at least a 700-word reflection of your instructional experience based
on these observations. Include the following sections in your paper:

  1. Analysis of results
  • Did students master the lesson objective(s)? Why or why not?
  • What explanations do you think may account for the results? How can
    this explanation be supported by theory or research?
  • Reflective practice

    • What opportunities may I have missed?
    • What would I do differently next time?
  • Educator dispositions

    • Reflect on your planning and lesson delivery and the dispositions
      of effective educators outlined below. In what areas did you do
      well, and how can you continue to develop in all areas?

      • Professional competence and responsibility
      • Professional and collaborative relationships (valuing diversity)
      • Critical thinking and reflection
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