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As an employee of a company that is considering investing in a foreign economy, you have been asked to research a country and make a presentation to your colleagues about an area of economic concern in the country.

  • Select a country in Africa, Asia, or Latin America to research.
  • Select 1 of the following economic concerns to research:
    • Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
    • Unemployment
    • Inflation
    • Quantities of specific goods and services
    • Exports and imports
  • Research data sets for the one economic concern within the country that you have chosen.
  • Write a 5-page report, and answer the following questions:
    • What are 2–3 relationships between the economic concern you selected and that specific country’s economy?
    • Support your discussion of the trends with statistical evidence.
      • Use graphs and/or data tables of the variables you chose in the discussion.
    • What trends do you see in the data sets? Please explain.
    • Cite all of your sources and include a reference list


Grading Criteria

Grading Criteria Proficient Descriptor Points
Identifies country and economic concern • Introduces the selected country in Africa, Asia, or Latin America
• Identifies one economic concern within the target country; such as gross domestic product (GDP), unemployment, inflation, quantities of specific goods and services, or exports and imports.
Economic Concern • Describes the economic concern that is occurring in the target country. (10 points)
• Discusses 2-3 relationships between the economic concern and the target country’s economy. (20 points)
• Utilizes graphs and/or data tables from credible sources to document the economic concern. (10 points)
Interpretation and Analysis • Explains trends noted in the data sets regarding the economic concern.
• Uses graphs, tables and statistical evidence to present economic data
Organization • Sequences information logically to enhance understanding of one economic concern in a country. Uses clear topic sentences to state the focus of each section. Uses transitions to connect key points.
• Specifies facts, examples, and vocabulary relevant to the intended audience.


• Provides a 5 page paper that is double-spaced, and includes a title page, reference page, running head, and page numbers. The title page and reference page are not counted in the length of 5 pages for the paper. 10


• Utilizes credible information sources (a minimum of 2) that are clearly identified, properly cited, and referenced using APA Style. 10

Grammar & Mechanics

• Sentences are clear, well-articulated, and free from grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. 10
Total 150


If you are planning to repurpose an assignment or submit one you have used before, please let your instructor know. If an instructor is not made aware of work being repurposed or reused, he or she will treat the assignment as a plagiarized task and reserves the right to post an F grade and submit a task for review to administration until proof of originality is provided. View the full AIU Policies on submitting papers.

The following are some tips if you have problems submitting your assignment:

  1. Resave in the proper format per the Assignment Detail instructions, and resubmit.
  2. Submit with a different Web browser.
  3. Submit from a different computer.
  4. Call Technical Support at 877-221-5800, Menu Option 2. They are open 24/7.
  5. If you are still having difficulties after trying steps 1 to 4, please contact your course instructor.

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