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(4) After reading my Introduction and then read the 3 members introduction, and then answer the 3 questions. ” write a one page, double-spaced paper discussing the following:

1. How you feel about the group, how you fit in (or feel you don’t fit in).

2. Did this meeting help the group grow closer together?

3. Discuss any norms, roles, fantasy themes, cohesion (or lack of these) that came about

during your time together.

Please read my Introduction and then read the 3 members introduction, and then answer the 3 questions.

My Introduction

Hello everyone, first, I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself and am very humbled. My name is Jenny . I reside in Victorville,California. The State is also known as the Golden State. This is my second year at VVC. The past year of studying in this college has been good. I plan to get my AS in Child Development . I have already completed most of my credits required for the AS. Child Development is my specialty as I enjoy working around children.

About my family, we are five, I am married and my spouse works as a nurse at the community hospital. I am blessed with two boys and am proud of them since they are hardworking. Additionally, I have three dogs named Lucky, Slipper, and Roxy. I enjoy spending time with my family as this strengthens the bond of our family. I also enjoy working with students. My hobbies are community service, team, and individual sports, outdoor activities, and helping the needy. I hope to learn interpersonal communication skills which will help me understand the people I will be interacting with better. (“How to Introduce Yourself in College or School? | Lemon Grad”, 2021)


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Member Annette introduction #2

Hi my name is Annette Gonzalez, am a full time mom of a almost 6 year old and one year old. I am married and we have been together for 10 years. I am extremely family oriented and I love traveling with my family. I am an extremely shy person and I am introverted but around my close friends and family I am a goofball and I love to have fun. I am a spiritual person but I really am not religious. I just moved to the high desert almost two years ago, I used to live in Los Angeles but the houses down there were to expensive and with a growing family our two bedroom apartment was just too small. I honestly do like living in Victorville, it is different from LA way more quieter, but I do miss having everything so close and even the city noise. I started working on my associates as soon as I graduated from high school, but I couldn’t decide what to major in so I stopped. Now I am planning to graduate next spring and get my associate’s degree in Math and Science.

Member Kimberly Introduction # 3

Hello everybody, my name is Kimberly Funkhouser,

I usually just go by Kim.

I am a Medical Assistant major returning to VVC after more than 10 years,

when I earned the Medical Assistant certificate to now work for the Associates degree.

I should finish all my credits by 2022.

I worked as a Medical Assistant for a brief time after receiving my certificate,

but as of right now I am not sure if it is the field, I want to stay in.

I did enjoy the administrative side of it and do like helping people,

but I may like to try to do something in psychology supportive services instead.

I was extremely nervous about coming back after such a long time,

but after last semester I feel much more capable in my ability to do well.

I had struggled a lot with online classes before, but I have gotten better at it,

or it could be that I have fewer other things to do or worry about now.

I am good at working with computers and most office software,

mostly I figure things out as I go as needed.

I am also a single mom, my daughter just turned fourteen

She will be starting high school next year.

and she is what I am most proud of.

I do have to apologize of course for this video being so late.

My brother’s wedding was this weekend, and I didn’t’ manage my time very well at all.

However, I must admit that this has been kind of a nightmare assignment for me on several levels

so, I cannot completely blame my brother’s wedding for its lateness.

I have a lot of social anxiety and going places and talking to people is something I struggle with a lot.

Then talking about myself is something that is even worse.

I am looking forward to learning ways to help with that this summer.

Member Lakera Introduction #4

Hello my name is Lakera Jackson. I am 15 years old still attending high school. In my future I will become a Nurse Anesthetist. I’m not push to become a anesthesiologist because I don’t like school that much lol. My favorite animal is a panda I have, I love pandas so much because when I was little I got a giant stuffed panda and I have had him ever scene. I don’t have a religion my parents never forced it upon me but mostly everyone I have ever met said I was free spirited, witch I find interesting. I don’t watch much tv it doesn’t really interest me but I do watch a lot of anime. A Lot of people say it’s weird and childish but when you find hidden gems they really teach you a lot. I think anime and reading books have a really big role in why I am so “mature” now. I’m very calm and laid back now that i’m older but when I was younger I was really loud and was always yelling maybe its because im drained but it makes it easier to put up with certain things because I can stay level headed. My favorite color is yellow because it was my aunts favorite color. I have a lot of hobbies but never stick to one for long. I love to shop but I don’t like paying for things:) I played basketball since the start of middle school and i’m pretty good if I do say so myself. I’m not great at spelling ask anyone I know and they will tell you but I am very smart and a quick learner. Im one of the middle child out of 4 but I don’t mind it. I’m pretty tall about 5’8 going n 5’9 so i’m usually taller than most of the people I meet. My biggest goal is to be financially free and travel. The first place i’m going to travel is japan. That’s the whole reason i’m teaching myself japanese. My favorite thing to do is sit in silence or have a meaningful conversation. My personality varies depending on the company I am around so I guess that you can say Im flexible.

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