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Microbiology Current Events Assignment

Microorgansims and microbiology are in the news! Many different topics and issues are in the local and national news each day. You will find an article from a reputable source, write a page summary of the issue, and create three powerpoint slides addressing the topic. 

Components of the Assignment: 

1. Article from a reputable source 

a. The article must address a current topic in microbiology. This topic can have to do with the organism, how the organism interacts or affects humans, how the organism interacts or affects an aspect of the environment, how the organism is used by humans, etc. 

Examples: -the growing problem of antibiotic resistance 

-discoveries of new species 

-diseases caused by different microorganisms 

-creation of products (drugs, biofuels) using microorganisms 


***You do not need to limit yourself to one of these topics. These are just a few examples. The only requirement is that the topic be related to MICROBIOLOGY. 

b. The article must be from a reputable source. Reputable sources include: 

-Governmental agencies (CDC, WHO, NIH, EPA, etc.) 

-Scientific magazines (Scientific America, National Geographic, etc.) 

-Scientific Journals 

Sources do NOT include: Wikipedia, blogs, private organization websites, etc. 

c. The article must be an in-depth look at the topic. The article you choose should give a 

thorough description of the topic, usually several paragraphs in length. 

d. You must cite the article and give the URL (if from a website) in your summary. 

2. One-page summary 

a. You will write a 1-2 page summary (no shorter than 1 page) describing the topic. Please use no larger than 12-point font, and use Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, or Helvetica font. Your paper should have no larger than 1.5 spacing. 

b. You should include your own title describing your write-up (don’t use the article’s title). 

c. Please use correct sentence and paragraph structure, grammar, and spelling. 

d. Your write-up should include: 

-A summary of the topic 

-If it is not obvious how the topic relates to microbiology, please explain in your 


-Any experiments performed 

-Any results of the experiments 

-Any controversial aspects of the issue (but you should NOT include your own opinion, 

just present both sides of the controversy) 

-The importance of the topic 

e. You should find at least two more articles about this topic, and include any differing or additional information in your write-up. Please cite these additional articles 

f. Include a literature cited section with AT LEAST your article and two additional sources. 

3. Three powerpoint slides 

a. You will also prepare 3-4 powerpoint presentation slides about your topic. These slides should be prepared as if you were going to give a short presentation about this topic to a classroom of peers in your microbiology class. 

b. The slides should provide a complete overview of the topic 

c. Do not include too many words; less is more in this case. 

d. Include images on each slide. 

e. You should include a title slide, but this DOES NOT count toward the 3-slide requirement 


1. Article is from a reputable source, relates to microbiology, and is of the correct length and depth. (3 points) 

2. Write-up is of the appropriate length and format. (2 points) 

3. Summary completely describes the topic (4 points) 

4. Experiments and results are described (2 points) 

5. Controversial aspects are presented from both points of view (3 points) 

6. The importance of the topic is clearly explained (3 points) 

7. Two additional sources are used for additional information on the topic (2 points) 

8. A literature cited section contains citations for at least 3 sources. Literature cited section is of the correct format. (1.5 points) 

9. Three powerpoint slides completely present your topic (2 points) 

10. Powerpoint slides are well-organized and contain appropriate images. (1.5 point) 

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