Application of Probability an

Assignment Description

For this assignment, you will create a handout for freshmen in your field. The purpose is to persuade them that the competencies they will gain from the required Probability and Statistics course is essential to their professional future.

Deliverable: A minimum 700-word handout using the appropriate template, provided below. The reference list does not count as part of the word count.

Completing the Assignment

Complete and Synthesize Research

For this assignment, you will have two types of input information, a literature review, and descriptive statistical data.

Literature Review. Complete research on the use of probability and statistics in your field. There are sources to get you started for each field on theRole of Probability and Statistics in the Work of Your Field’ page. Each field (your Department) will vary in the use of statistics, but some of the things you may what to find information on include:

  • The purpose of using statistics in your field. By this I mean, what does it accomplish?
  • What type of input into the work of your field statistics provides. By this, I mean is it used for defining problems, evaluating systems and products, and/or creating products and tools. Some of these may be general aspects of work and some may be specific product types.

Data. Review the data provided in the articles linked below and determine:

  • What do the data suggest? To really understand these Tables, read their headers, and their footnotes. If there are terms you do not understand, look them up.
  • What part or parts of these data can you use to help convey your handout message? To do this read what is being presented and ask yourself which of the competencies they’ve presented are going to be useful for convincing freshmen that probability and statistics are important. You are required to incorporate and cite some of these data in some way in your document. You will have these sources to work from for this part of your document:

The Four Career Competencies Employers Value Most (Links to an external site.)by NACE Staff

Are College Graduates “Career Ready”? (Links to an external site.) by NACE Staff

Use the article What is Career Readiness? (Links to an external site.) By NACE Staff. On this webpage, you will find about a paragraph into the ‘Career Readiness Competencies’ section hyperlinks to a description of each of the career readiness competencies. Review them to assist you in determining which ones are competencies you will improve with the work in this course.

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