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Now that you’ve had some practice summarizing both sources and creating proper APA citations, it’s time to select the source you’d like to work with and develop a mini annotated bibliography.

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

An Annotated Bibliography is a list of references to books, articles, and documents that you are using as sources for your paper. Each reference is followed by the ‘annotation,’ which contains two paragraphs: a brief source summary paragraph and a response/evaluative paragraph.

What are the purposes of the annotated bibliography?

  • To format your source into a full APA reference (this will later make up the References page of your essay).
  • To help you understand your source and to demonstrate this understanding through summary.
  • To evaluate the credibility of the source you are using
  • To begin formulating your position in relationship to the source.

How to Begin:

  1. First, locate the source you have selected to work with for your Expository Essay.
  2. Next, read and annotate (take notes, highlight, underline, pose questions, respond to) your source. Your goal is to ensure you understand your chosen source’s main points.
  3. Then, reference the article using the APA Style Citation and begin writing your annotations.

How to Annotate:

Write two paragraphs of annotations for your source. The information included should be as follows:

Paragraph 1: Summarize your source. What topic is being covered? What is the point of the article? If a friend asked you to describe the article, what would you say?

Paragraph 2: Reflect on the article. Is the author credible? What conclusions has the author come to? How can you use this source in your essay? Has it changed your perspective on your issue?

How it Should Look:

Review Ed Keep in mind that while an annotated bibliography usually contains multiple sources, you will only be working with one. Remember, your APA citation needs a hanging indent, and the entire annotated bibliography should be double-spaced.

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