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  1. The Nike campaign was lauded as successful, despite the continued swirl of negative around its foundation of player protests of police violence against Blacks.Gillette received far greater negative consumer reaction and media treatment to its short film on the best men can be.1. What are the key high-level reasons for the difference in response to the two activist ad campaigns? Do not rely on your own idiosyncratic personal opinion. Thoughtfully consider the respective brand essence of the two brands, their respective consumers, and the political climate in your analysis. (I expect only 3-4 sentences or bullet points)Honey-Maid makes graham crackers. Until the 2014 campaign, its brand essence centered around wholesome ingredients (no GMO, whole grains) and family bonding moments (often with s’mores).2. What are some of the strategic reasons the brand might have chosen to take an activist stance on how wholesome is defined at a more abstract level? (3-4 sentences)3. What issue could Honey-Maid take on today were it to re-invigorate its ‘This is Wholesome’ campaign in 2021? Why? (1 phrase + 1 sentence explanation)Lastly, as you read the two articles on two professional sports leagues moving their enormously lucrative all-star games to other cities as a result of state legislation the leagues opposed. This is your time to put down your personal opinions! 4. Briefly comment on what you think should be the relationship between law-making/politics and companies/brands. In articulating your position, it might be worth thinking about what role you want brands to play in society compared to the role you believe lawmakers/political leaders shoushould play (3-4 sentences)You can either type your responses to the 4 prompts above into the submission box or you can upload a file.Make your life simple and just literally write the number followed by your response. No need for name, rank, serial #, or even retyping each of the prompts.I need you to have thought about these prompts prior to our next live session, so asking you to jot down your notes and analysis is the simplest way of ensuring this. These will not be graded. You will either receive a 100% for submitting this, or a 0 for failing to do so.These are all or nothing since you’re either coming to class prepared or unprepared. I will briefly review submissions though to make sure they reflect real attention to the prompts. If the submission only has a few words or blurts on it, or if you did not respond to all 4 prompts, you will not receive credit.

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