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-Ethic of Sports: Topic: The proposed Sports Violence Act of 1980 defined excessive violence as: “force that has no reasonable relationship to the competitive goals of the sport; is unreasonably violent; and could not be reasonably foreseen, or was not consented to, by the injured person, as a normal hazard to such person’s involvement in such sports event.” This Act failed to become law. Which ethical theories apply to this formulation? What sort of ethical leadership would have been required to get this Act passed?

  • Length: 2-3 pages and MLA/APA citation required for all sources using in the essay and include a References/Works Cited page.

-Ethic of Sports: On-field excessive sports violence and off-field sports violence in the form of hazing have more in common than physicality. Neither civil nor criminal laws have effectively addressed either. Moreover, both involve elusive definitions of just what is inappropriate, policing both is hampered by the clubhouse mentality and the reluctance of victims to seek redress, and the crazy-quilt of state laws and rules of private institutions prevent the establishment of a clear and bright line between proper and improper behavior. Virtue ethics and care ethics have the potential to solve the problems, but the public has yet to demand their use.

Your state’s proposed anti-hazing law has adopted the Mothers Against School Hazing (MASH) definition of hazing as:

A broad term encompassing any action or activity which does not contribute to the positive development of a person; which inflicts or intends to cause physical or mental harm or anxieties; which may demean, degrade or disgrace any person regardless of the consent of participants; and which must be endured for admission into or affiliation with any student organization.The proposed law is currently being debated in the legislature. What are the ethical theories supporting this definition? How can MASH execute an ethical leadership plan to get legislative support for the law? What are the ethical issues related to excessive violence during a sports event by a participant?

  • 250 words addressing the questions given .

-Corporate Finance:1. Why does WACC increase and IRR decrease as the capital budget increases? Are there any steps management can take to reverse these trends?2. How should a company prioritize all of its capital project opportunities? In responding invoke the various methodologies learned this week and how to use them for ranking projects.

3. Please find the Open Educational Resources websites under Course Information. Please scan through the various websites and familiarize yourself with some of these websites. Which websites did you find most interesting, and why? Would you recommend other websites which help consumers understand consumer finance concepts?

  • 600 words that really dive into the topic

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