Biblical Leader Ruth Presenta

Instructions and links are below and there’s an article attached. The biblical character I chose to discuss is “Ruth”.

The article I attached will help guide you with the leadership qualities of Ruth and it starts on page 10. This should be APA 7th edition format with references and a minimum length of 3 paragraphs.

Link for ebook: Login will be shared.

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3.2 Discussion: Biblical Leaders

Getting Started

Throughout the Bible, there are historical accounts of men and women who changed the world through their ability to influence and lead others. The leadership principles practiced by the early visionary leaders of the Christian faith are timeless in relevancy. These leaders, and the qualities they displayed, continue to serve as models for servant leaders today.

For this assignment, you will critically appraise the leadership qualities of a chosen biblical leader and relate them to the leadership roles of nurses.

Upon successful completion of this discussion, you will be able to:

Identify characteristics of servant leaders that define them as transformational leaders.

Evaluate three qualities demonstrated by a biblical leader in relation to the effective practice of nurse leaders.


Bible of your choice

Background Information

In the 2.2 Discussion, you chose a biblical leader who exhibited a minimum of three leadership qualities that nurse leaders can apply in a healthcare environment. In this assignment, you will summarize those qualities and your research on the chosen biblical leader.


Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.

Research the biblical leader you chose in Workshop Two. Here are some resources that may help:

Prepare to discuss the following prompts:

Provide a brief introduction to the leader that you chose for your biblical leader presentation.

Summarize the three qualities exhibited by this individual which reflect transformational leadership. Provide a scripture citation that describes each quality.

Select one of the leadership traits that is exhibited both by your chosen biblical leader and discussed in your class readings.

Why do you believe this trait is necessary in our profession?

Share an example of how this trait is applied in a nursing leadership scenario.

Describe the impact this trait has on others in the organization.

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