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Your report will be written in a simulated APA style; this means your report will contain 1” margins and
12pt times new romans font. It will be double spaced with page numbers on the top right. Your report
will be single-sided and stapled with a title page and a reference page with a specific format.
You will NOT be including an abstract, which is usually part of an APA document.
Proper Citations: Throughout the entire text, any factual statement needs to have an in text reference as
to where that information was found. For example: Factor X causes blood pressure to rise (author,
publication date). – OR – something like: “According to the Mayo Clinic (2017), blood pressure rises
when… “ In most cases, I expect that you will read the material from the source and then re-write or
paraphrase the material in your own words, making sure to reference where you found the information.
**Changing a few words or re-ordering the words will often just make your phrase confusing (in which
case you will lose points).** I will allow you to use a few short, direct quotes, when it seems appropriate.
In this case, you MUST have the quoted material in quotes! Overall, I’m grading you on your ability to
use your own words to explain the material. Please do your best to do so.
A single page with the name of the report, the author name and the class & semester centered on the page
in column format.
BODY: Your report will have the following 5 sections.
(see rubric for details required in each section)
1) Introduction: this is where you introduce your topic, give some basic facts and explain to your
audience why this is an important subject. You will include a definition of blood pressure, define
and explain what causes systole and diastole (don’t forget units). Define MAP and why it is
important. Explain how MAP is calculated. Explain how blood pressure is an important indicator
of health. State normal blood pressure ranges. Define hypertension, and hypotension and explain
the ranges for each. Lastly, you will need to state the purpose for the experiment.
2) Methods: this is where you explain to your audience the details of how you collected your data.
You will want to include things like body position, equipment used and frequency of collection.
The goal is to be precise enough that someone could copy exactly what you did without having to
contact you.
3) Results: these are your cold hard facts, with accompanying graphs and tables. There is NO
opinion in the results. Keep your statements factual and stick to only what you see in your data.
You will include a TYPED table of the data that you collected with all the proper data points
accounted for. You will also need to provide one line graph that depicts your data graphically and
accurately. Make sure you haved properly labeled your graph and you have a key. There are right
and wrong ways to graph data. If you need help, please see me BEFORE your project is due.
4) Discussion: this is your interpretation of your results. Why did things look the way they did?
What might have influenced the data? For this class you will also be discussing some common
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Fontaine BP Report Expectations Spring 2020
things that can affect people’s blood pressures and giving me your opinion for the way they may
have affected yours. Specifically, you will be looking at the following factors: dietary caffeine,
nicotine salt, potassium and calcium (that you ingested). You will also be describing the effect of
stress on blood pressure. You will need to mention particular hormones and how they are
involved. Lastly, you will be describing the effects of exercise on blood pressure. Acute and
Regular exercise have two different effects. You will look at both. For each factor listed, you will
need to include what changes each factor causes in blood pressure AND the mechanism of how it
causes that change.
5) Conclusion: A quick, short paragraph to wrap up your paper.
REFERENCES: Your references will be listed on a separate piece of paper. They will be alphabetical, with
the proper indentation for APA format (hanging indent). The citations should follow this format:
Author. (date of publication). Title (pages or chapter information found). Publication data/URL.

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