Broward Community College Com

My topic Communicable diseases-TB, STD’s, HIV/AIDS within Hollywood, Florida

This assignment will be submitted in 2 parts. The student will outline a Community Health Plan and Health

Education Lesson Plan for his/her community and implement this in his/her community. Students will use the following steps to formulate a community health nursing project.

Part I – Submit a two-page proposal that follows APA reference format and includes the following:

  • Assessment: Assess a targeted population in your
    community to see what needs to exist. This is done by researching health
    data for your population. Make sure you select and define your
    community by noting the history of your community.
  • Capture a picture of your selected community. What
    are the vital statistics of your community? Think about socioeconomic
    statistics. What are the leading causes of death? What illnesses or
    diseases are present in your community? Do citizens in your community
    have easy access to primary care? What are the most prevalent health
    problems in your community?
  • Formulate a community health nursing diagnosis related to this health need, based on this data, what are the strengths and needs of your community?
  • Plan community intervention. Ask yourself if this will have a positive health impact in the designated population? How do you know?
    • Implementation. Create an educational presentation that will
      address the most important needs of your population.
  • Evaluation: How would you evaluate your intervention
  • Referneces: Include 4-6 evidence-based scholarly references related to your project and/or community population.

Topic Selections for Teaching Projects/presentations-Suggestions:

Please, refer to the following documents to identify a possible topic for the Teaching projects/presentations.

  1. See Healthy People 2020 list of related federal government priority problems to be remedied for your age group.
  2. See the JCAHO list of Safety Problems for this year.
  3. Speak with your professor and determine Quality Improvement Projects available, Incident Reports for the last year.
  4. Do a needs survey of your population to determine their perception of what they want to learn?

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