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Chapters 2-3: Discussion Questions

In your opinion, what are some of the best way to attract customers to an E-Commerce business?

First peer belowIn your opinion, what are some of the best ways to attract customers to an E-Commerce business?I’m sure that there is more than one good way to attract customers to an E-Commerce business. After reading our assigned reading materials, I found that there are a number of ways. Personally, I feel that these ways would depend on the type of good or service you are offering in your E-Commerce business. What may work for one business may not work for another. So, I feel that you would need to be careful in what ways you decide to use.If I had to decide, I would have to say one of those ways would be to use social media. “It’s vital to use social media platforms that suit the character and image you want your brand to be linked with” (Rajendran, n.d.). And let’s face it, the world we live in seems to revolve around social media and/or anything related to the internet. How many times have you browsed through any social media and came across an advertising that really piqued your interest? Of those times, did you ever click on the ad, just to see what it was about? I know I have. Using social media is a good way to help attract customers because these platforms reach consumers all over the globe.I also feel that eye catchy infographics are another way to attract customers. Whether it’s on the internet or out in the community. With this recent pandemic, how many of those Covid flyers have we seen warning about symptoms and keeping a distance of 6ft. I know we have all seen them and have all taken precautions. “Infographics get shared more often than most other types of content” (Kumar, 2012). This statement alone is why infographics is, in my opinion, another good way to attract customers to you E-Commerce business.     

Second peer belowIn your opinion, what are some of the best way to attract customers to an E-Commerce business?Personally, I believe the best way to attract customers to an E-commerce business is through a strong online marketing campaign. Many companies have built their success off of their online presence and they do so through a multitude of methods. Let’s take the example of Manscaped.com. This company provides a male grooming kit to their consumers, that specialize in state of the arc technology to safely maintain personal care for your privates. However the company didn’t gain all it’s success overnight. They used sponsorships as a way to build their reputation and reached out tp various influencers to promote their products, while also providing them with special promo codes that their fans and viewers can use to gain special discounts when ordering form Manscaped.com for the first time, usually at around a 20% discount and free shipping. This is one of the most effective marketing strategies through E-commerce as it allows a more direct interaction with the consumers, and many companies since have engaged in this strategy. Another way to attract customers is to have good social networking team. Wendy’s is notorious for having one of the most popular social medias, as they directly respond to customer with sarcastic and witty remarks , in turn garnering more attention, and increasing sales, as the online consumer will see the interaction this company has with their consumers. Though Wendy’s isn’t the first company to do this, I believe that they are the most successful at it, as many more fats food industry’s jumped on this trend and started light internet rivalries with their competitors, taking light-hearted jabs at their rivals food industries products and service (i.e. McDonald’s Ice cream machine always being down).The social media marketing ties directly into my final example, advertising. The bane of all nationally broadcasted television events, and the short clips that interrupt our YouTube videos, have actually found a way to garner much more attention to their products. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all sell ads based on the users online interactions and where they have the most activity. If you frequent sports pages a lot, you’re most likely going to receive ads about more sports. Same goes for practically any media. So even though ads are annoying and tedious, they actually provide the most direct form of interaction with online consumers.     

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