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PART I: Character Narrative (about 1.5 pages long) 30 POINTSYou will create and write about a fictional character with ONE and ONLY ONE diagnosable psychological disorder, dysfunction, problem, etc. that is discussed somewhere in our textbook (no other sources are permitted).  Make sure that you include the following in your narrative…1. Give your character a name.2. Provide some background information about your character and describe your character in the present as well.3. When discussing your character, carefully describe their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to effectively portray what psychological disorder, dysfunction, problem, etc. that he or she is suffering from.4. DO NOT mention in PART I what psychological disorder, dysfunction, problem, etc. that this character has.  You are only providing information that will enable you to explain why this character has the psychological disorder, dysfunction, problem, etc. that you will identify in Part II. 

PART II: Character Diagnosis (about 1.5 pages long) 30 POINTSBased on your character narrative in PART I, provide your character with a diagnosis.  Make sure that you include the following…1. What is the diagnosis?2. Connect the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of your character that you described in PART I to support your diagnosis.3. Refer to Chapter 3 in our textbook and identify several methods (psychological interviews, tests, assessments, measurements, etc.), that you would administer to determine/verify your diagnosis.  Cite the page(s) from Chapter 3 in our textbook (and the edition you are using: 9th or 10th) that describe the psychological methods that you would administer to determine/verify your diagnosis.

PART III: Character Treatment (about 1 page long) 25 POINTSBased on your diagnosis in PART II, identify what treatment method(s) described in our textbook you would use to help your character to recover from or alleviate the symptoms of their psychological disorder, dysfunction, problem, etc.  Make sure you carefully explain why you believe this/these method(s) would be effective.MAKE SURE TO LABEL YOUR PARTS (I, II, & III)Correct formatting, good spelling, grammar, and overall quality of paper.…

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You must answer THREE (3) OF THE FOUR (4) of questions below. Each of the questions are weighted equally. You will receive no extra credit or poins for answering all 4 of the questions.

  1. You are the Head of the FBI Anti-terrorism division in Los Angeles. You have apprehended a suspect you have reason to believe is the member of a major terrorist organization.You have obtained additional information from an independent source that a nuclear bomb will be exploded within the next 24 hours somewhere in the city by the very same terrorist organization that this suspect is a member of. Your top police interrogators have tried questioning the suspect for the past several hours, but he either refuses to say anything or just laughs in their faces, and with a wild, crazed look in his eyes, makes gestures and sounds of a loud explosion. Based on your many years of law enforcement experience, you do not believe you will get any more information from the suspect via traditional questioning and that the only way to get information is through “less traditional means”. You face a real ethical dilemma. Do you torture the suspect in the hope that maybe he can provide information on the possible attack, perhaps saving millions of lives? Or, is it the case that the torture will not yield any type of meaningful response? What about the rights of the suspect? Using both Kantian and Utilitarian theories/models, argue both sides for and against using the torture techniques. Use examples from what was covered in class and from the readings. Be specific. You need not have any knowledge about anti-torture or Homeland Security-related laws in the United States, but you should assume that all forms of torture would be considered illegal in the situation described here.

2. You are the Director of Product Development at ABC Corp., a firm which manufacturers semiconductors.Your cousin happens to the CEO of DEF Corp., a major competitor of ABC. At a recent family gathering your cousin inquires how things are going for you at ABC and offers you a “part-time job” at DEF working in the same area of product development. Your cousin assures that you can work “remotely” and on “weekends” so as not interfere with your M-F, 9-5 schedule at ABC. While your cousin assured you that all this was on the “up and up”, he asked you to download and share with him all your project and development plans at ABC just to get a sense “what was going on at ABC”. Using the any of the concepts and theories covered in this class (including ethical theories and rationalizations) discuss the implications of accepting the DEF Corp. part-time offer. You need not have any knowledge of employment law, trade secret law or intellectual property law generally to answer this question. For those of you that do have knowledge in these areas, you will get no extra points or credit for incorporating such “additional information” in to your answer.

3. Is there a place or need for ethics in business? I want clear opinions, supported not by idle speculation or flim-flam, but rather by the substantive materials covered in class and from the course readings, including the case studies.You will be graded on the quality and depth of your answer (supported by solid arguments and sources to back them up) as opposed to any specific conclusion(s) you reach.

4. Using ethical theories and rationalizations discussed in class, compare and contrast the ethical lapses ofBernie Madoff, Elizabeth Holmes and Harvey Weinstein. Use examples. Be specific.

Use examples. Be specific.

For ALL of these questions you need not use any outside sources (other than those assigned and covered in this class). Citations are not necessary. If you wish to use them, you can include them at the end

Grading Rubric:

Following directions, style, and format: 25%

Quality of analysis and depth: 50%

Effective use of examples from readings, class discussions and videos: 25%

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Answer the following questions after you complete chapter 3, “Learning from Aviation Security Disasters”. Then respond to two classmate’s posts once I submit this discussion post.

BOOK: Birkland, T. A. (2020). An Introduction to the Policy Process, 5th edition. New York: Routledge.

How did the three major aviation security disasters (TWA, Pan-Am, and 9/11) influence the agenda? 

Was the institutional agenda influenced by the other types of agendas as well? 

Peer responses

!Kirvani KhanagwalSaturdayOct 30 at 3:49pmManage Discussion EntryAs a result of the three major aviation security disasters, aviation security became priority. Congress, investigating commissions, government agencies, and interest groups all focused on how to keep attackers and hijackers off the airplanes. Since flights is one of the most common modes of travel, the aviation sectors security was taken more seriously. The attacks of September 11 changed the nations perception on both the probability of such a catastrophic terrorist attack and perception of the consequences as a result of the attacks. Some other changes were made as-well as a result of the attacks such as Marshals, security of the cockpit, provide security training, passenger profiling, airport access control, and background checks. 

Ashley Platero

SaturdayOct 30 at 5:05pmManage Discussion EntryThese three major aviation security disasters influenced the Agenda because these Agenda move issues from the systematic Agenda to the institutional Agenda. If the policy issue becomes serious enough, or in the case of the Aviation disasters, the policymakers such as governors and congress decide how to act on the particular topic. All of these disasters led to the policymakers doing something. And it is pushed forward in the agenda-setting process. After all these aviation disasters, all the policymakers decided that something needed to be done, especially after 9/11 and the past two aviation disasters, the United States established the Department of Homeland Security and enforced their immigration laws. They made policy changes and set new policies such as the Patriot Act. They surveillance everything through the Department of Homeland Security, and they made airports more secure, immigration more secure, and air travel in general.


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literary analysis outline


You have a few options for this literary analysis paper.


Now, what is a literary analysis? A literary analysis paper (for our purposes) ignores everything except the text. So, you don’t need to rely on outside sources — your thoughts are just as valid as anyone else’s thoughts. That’s a good thing. Still, what is it? The main purpose of a literary analysis is to examine a text in order to explain and expand upon/deepen our understanding of the text. It is very often judgmental…but there’s a catch.


This is not a book review. You do not have to tell me whether you loved the book or hated it, so that kind of judgment doesn’t count. Instead, you examine the author’s craft. You judge how well (effectively) or how poorly (ineffectively) the author accomplished a particular goal.


What’s the goal, you may ask? The goal of most writers is to convey a theme (or themes) to the reader. Robert Heinlein is known for discussing certain ideas, certain themes throughout his fifty years of writing. Just about every idea/theme that he ever wrote about shows up in our novel. They include:


  1. Individuality, individualism, and individual freedom. These ideas would also include: self-reliance, being the “competent” individual, and Libertarianism — which includes belief in individual freedom as well as a small, non-interfering-with-the-individual government
  2. Government interference as well as surveillance.
  3. The disintegration of society, and true freedom is often found outside of the society at the frontiers.
  4. Religion and, usually, how awful it is.
  5. Marriage and belonging, including: free love, free sex, and open marriages
  6. Prejudice and racism.


So…your job is to pick ONE of these and discuss it.


How do you discuss them well while focusing on the literature?


First, choose an idea or set of ideas. Then brainstorm a list of instances when/where these ideas are expressed in the story. Then, choose ONE element (or perhaps two closely related elements) of fiction to narrow your focus on the theme. The choices of elements of fiction include:


  • plot
  • setting
  • character
  • point of view/perspective
  • symbols
  • style, tone, and/or language


Now, the example that I used in class today (for those who were absent) was this.


Let’s say we focus on the theme of “prejudice.” Important: remember that a theme is not a topic. Prejudice is a topic. A theme says something ABOUT a topic, such as “prejudice is terrible” or “prejudice is endemic to human society” or something like that.


In our example, we said that “Throughout the story of Friday, Heinlein shows that prejudice is awful and affects our protagonist in negative, dehumanizing ways.” Then we brainstormed instances of prejudice.


  1. Being stood up on a date with another AP
  2. The Tongan episode with her NZ family
  3. Being divorced because she is an AP (has no soul)
  4. Conversations with Georges and Boss on being an AP
  5. Friday versus the other APs (Pete and Tilly)
  6. Vicksburg, where normal people stay in upper Vicksburg and APs and human artifacts stay in lower Vicksburg
  7. Friday’s argument why APs should not pilot the semi-ballistics


Now, we can choose “character” and examine how Friday develops as a character throughout these encounters with prejudice. Or, we could examine “language” and focus on dialogue and narration to see how these prejudicial situations are expressed. Or we could focus on symbols and how often, and why, she refers to her creation as “my mother was a test tube and my father was a knife.” Or we could focus on setting to show how setting affects or figures into the expression of prejudice. Or we could examine the plot and show how the focus on prejudice is throughout the story but rears its head in stronger or weaker episodes.


So, you see, while thinking about the theme of “prejudice is bad,” we can use one or more elements of fiction to show how well/poorly the author constructed the story to get that idea across.


There are NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANSWERS. The answers are all good as long as you can support them, back them up, and explain them clearly. Do not worry about showing your like or dislike for the book. That’s not the point here. Instead, show that Heinlein did a good job, a bad job, or an uneven job (sometimes good and sometimes bad) in conveying this theme to you, the reader.


Here, in this assignment, please submit your outline of the planned essay. The outline may look similarly to previous outlines or differently. You may organize it in a chronological order (tracing your way throughout the novel) or in an emphatic manner (moving from least significant to more significant to most significant in the novel).


I hope this helps.


Some other things to consider.


Literary Analysis


  1. Is generally focused on one topic
    1. A theme or symbol(s) or development, and so on.
  2. Is supported by:
    1. textual examples (either quotations or paraphrases)
    2. explanations
  3. It examines the text, and ignores everything outside of the text.
  4. It may consider any of the following:
    1. structure, plot
    2. setting(s)
    3. character(s)
    4. style, tone, language
    5. symbols, allegories, allusions
  5. If there is a summary of the text, it is extremely brief (perhaps a sentence or two, certainly no more than a paragraph) and at the beginning of the essay.
  6. Remember that the narrator is not the same as the author.
  7. Literature is crafted, so examine the craft


Remember that this type of essay is different from the previous one. In a exemplification essay, we have an emphasis on evidence (along with explanations of that evidence). In a literary analysis essay, the emphasis is reversed. You certainly have textual evidence, but the emphasis is on your analysis — your thoughts, insights, perceptions. You need to give judgment and show not only what you think but why you think that.


You essay must be :


  1. Written in third-person narrative perspective
  2. Use multiple (at least three) sources that are
    1. Explained
    2. Cited
    3. From the novel, Friday (no outside sources are needed)
  3. Clearly organized
  4. Follows MLA style and format
  5. 4-6 pages in length, plus a Works Cited page

NOTE: Sources such as spark notes, monkey notes, shmoop, e-notes, wikipedia, and other essay-helping sites are simply not acceptable. Your grade on an assignment will be a ZERO if you provide evidence from these types of sites.

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Harold Thomas’ 4 phases of policy formulation include:

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 2Question 21 pts

Forward mapping is also referred to as the bottom-up approach.

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 3Question 31 pts

According to Thomas Birkland, media attention to public problems, and to some extent to proposed policy solutions, promotes learning.

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 4Question 41 pts

Which category of tools does the transfer of money to invest in intellectual, material and/or human resources fall under?

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 5Question 51 pts

Theodore Lowi’s 4 typologies include:

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 6Question 61 pts

Formative evaluation is conducted upon conclusion of the implementation of a program.

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 7Question 71 pts

Signing statements may be issued by the president for

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 8Question 81 pts

Routine policy solutions are easy to formulate since there is both low knowledge of factual information and theory of causation, which make it limited.

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 9Question 91 pts

An example of redistributive policy includes:

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 10Question 101 pts

In the dispursement of cost/benefit within this particular type of policy, most pay and most benefit.

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 11Question 111 pts

Every symbolic policy has a cost and benefit associated with it.

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 12Question 121 pts

Policy adoption allows policymakers to select the most acceptable solution among the list of existing policy alternatives available.

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 13Question 131 pts

Which category would the elderly, as a target population, fall under according to social to Schneider and Ingram’s social construction of target populations theory?

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 14Question 141 pts

Mapping exercises may be used to improve the success of policies by incorporating and connecting implementation to the policy formation stages.

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 15Question 151 pts

Unions are an example of an anti-termination coalition that may appear as an obstacle to policy/program termination.

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 16Question 161 pts

How many different types of implementation games were identified by Eugene Bardach?

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 17Question 171 pts

According to Thomas Birkland, the policy design (formulation) process includes the following elements:

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 18Question 181 pts

A reason leading to the termination of a policy (or a program that the policy created) may include:

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 19Question 191 pts

A policy community within any policy domain consists of just official actors according to Thomas Birkland.

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 20Question 201 pts

According to the easy money implementation game, politicians spend taxpayer money on their own constituents in order to generate political support.

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 21Question 211 pts

If health care is the policy domain, then an example of subdomains may include medicaid and medicare.

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 22Question 221 pts

This type of policy solution produces poor policy choices since knowledge of factual information is lacking although a theory of causation exists.

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 23Question 231 pts

According to Thomas Birkland, this type of policy learning focuses on policy tools and techniques and is about the viability of policy interventions and implementation designs.

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 24Question 241 pts

One example of regulatory policy involves the regulation of businesses (such as airline safety policies) in order to benefit the majority.

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 25Question 251 pts

The idiom, “too many cooks in the kitchen”, is a great way to explain

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 26Question 261 pts

The most profound type of focusing event that typically requires regional and/or national government assistance. (In some cases even international government and nonprofit organizational assistance are needed to address the problem).

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 27Question 271 pts

It is the stage in which options that might help resolve issues and problems recognized at the agenda-setting stage are identified, refined, appraised, and formalized.

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 28Question 281 pts

Thomas Birkland argues that focusing events elevate problems onto the agenda.

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 29Question 291 pts

When it comes to performance measures, policy output looks at the quantity whereas policy outcome looks at the quality.

Group of answer choices

Flag question: Question 30Question 301 pts

Thomas Birkland would argue that once policies are implemented, experience with it and with similar policies will often lead to change in the policy design, even when the policy and its goals are supposedly in place and operating.

Group of answer choices

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The Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS) monitors six categories of health-related behaviors that contribute to the leading causes of death and disability among youth and adults, including:

  • Behaviors that contribute to unintentional injuries and violence.
  • Sexual behaviors related to unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV infection.
  • Alcohol and other drug use.
  • Tobacco use.
  • Unhealthy dietary behaviors.
  • Inadequate physical activity.

YRBSS Main site: (Links to an external site.)

YRBSS 2019 full report: (Links to an external site.)

At this link you can find topic specific reports as well as trend reports: (Links to an external site.)


Let’s say your school district is considering eliminating health as a required course in the curriculum. As a public health educator you have been asked to prepare a 5 minute statement (about 2 full pages, double spaced) to help advocate for health education in schools. Using data from the YRBSS, consider the following questions or topics in your statement:

  • Introduce yourself and the purpose of your statement
  • Should health education be required in schools? Why?
  • When and how frequently should health education take place?
  • What are some topics that should be included? Why? What does the data say about this issue?

Important: Use the YRBSS data to support your responses. For example, the following is an argument without evidence to support your point:

“Health education in high school should include sex education because the YRBSS data shows that the percent of sexually active teens increases with grade level.”

By adding evidence/data, the statement is more powerful, more accurate, and evidence-based. Such as:

“Health education in high school should include sex education because the YRBSS 2019 data shows that “the prevalence of having ever had sexual intercourse was higher among 10th-grade (33.6%), 11th-grade (46.5%), and 12th-grade (56.7%) than 9th-grade (19.2%) students.”

You may approach this topic advocating for a full range of health topics (such as the 6 topics covered in the YRBSS) or you can advocate for the inclusion of one particular topic in the health curriculum. you are NOT required to have a references page.

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Hi please follow the prompt below. Please write 4 full pages MLA style and use reliable sources only and the sources I will provide. Feel free to choose one of the topics out of the 3 listed. They are random topics, but make it clear and follow the format provided to argue/persuade why. And of course, no plagiarism!

The assignment:

Please write a nicely detailed argumentation-persuasion ESSAY on your choice of ONE of the following topics.

  1. We should go to the Moon (and forget about going to Mars for now).
  2. We should go to Mars (and forget about going to the Moon for now).
  3. We should go to the Moon and then go to Mars.

For any of these topics, please conduct some research and cite and use at least three different sources. Of course, you may use outside sources or you may simply use the sources provided within the module). As with all arguments, you must support your perspective with detailed reasons, examples, and explanations. The usual formatting requirements apply.

  1. MLA style and format
  2. Length: 4-6 pages, not including a Works Cited page
  3. A Works Cited page

One last reminder. The sources you use must come from our module and/or your own research. Avoid unreliable or other “sketchy” sources. NOTE: Sources such as spark notes, monkey notes, shmoop, e-notes, wikipedia, and other essay-helping sites are simply not acceptable. Your grade on an assignment will be a ZERO if you cite or provide evidence from these types of sites. You will not be allowed to revise or rewrite an outline or essay that uses or cites any of these types of sources.

Here’s how it should look:

Title: (not just a label such as “argumentation essay”)

Thesis: (This should be one declarative sentence — a strong assertion/opinion — that states your topic and what you will attempt to prove/disprove about it).

Now, a couple of things to keep in mind.

  1. An argument may be structured very similarly to an exemplification (and much of an argument consists of explaining and providing supporting examples/proofs — just like in an exemplification essay). There really is no one “perfect way” to organize an argument.
  2. However, there are some pieces that must be included in an argument:
    1. A claim, which is what you’re trying to prove (that’s your thesis).
    2. A “concession” where you validate the opinion of your opponent. This shows some commonality between the two sides and respect for your opponent.
    3. A counterargument to your opponent’s point of view or proofs. Some writers choose to include a counterargument as part of the introduction. This is where you would state your opponent’s point of view/argument.
    4. A refutation/rebuttal, where you (nicely) disprove your opponent’s point of view/argument, show how it is wrong, and then go on to prove how your point of view/argument is right.
    5. Then you spend the rest of the paper proving that your side is superior.
    6. Typically, an argument ends with a “call to action” where you try to get the reader to do something after listening to your argument.
  • Your essay should be 4+ pages in length PLUS a Works Cited page.
  • Please cite at least three references, our text plus an additional outside source.
  • Use MLA format, please.

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We have come to the end of our third section, and we now have the opportunity to reflect on our course material and connect it to contemporary examples of political rhetoric. For our third case study, we will examine how social movements, government leaders, and corporations employ rhetoric to increase their leverage in on-going political disputes.


We will be using controversy surrounding the Georgia Senate Bill 202 as our case our third case study. Specific artifacts include public statements about SB 202 from Stacey Abrams, GA Governor Brian Kemp, and representatives of the Coca-Cola Corporation. Read the documents and watch the two videos posted on Canvas in Announcements/Artifacts for Case Study # 3. Then, answer the questions below. There is no minimum length, just make sure to provide a thorough answer. When you provide an example, it has to be unique, so don’t merely reuse an example from the Anderson reading.

  1. What is the rhetorical context for this controversy? Identify at least two examples relevant rhetorical context.

What are some things happening at the time or in the videos that help you determine the rhetorical context? Make sure you reference the context for each speaker/artifact. Your examples can be aspects of the context generally, or one of the elements of Bitzer’s rhetorical situation – exigence, constraint, and/or audience.

  1. How is language being used to shape the audience’s view of events? Identify at least one specific example of language from the comments of Abrams and Kemp.

How is language (specifically metaphor) being used to negotiate values, establish a view of the situation, and/or recommend a course of action?

  1. How did Coca-Cola Corporation negotiate the risks and rewards of issuing public statements about SB 202?

Your answer should identify at least two factors raised in the Callander (Links to an external site.) and/or Diermier (Links to an external site.) readings that corporations need to consider when deciding whether and/or how to engage in political controversies.

  1. Evaluate the quality:

Choose either Abrams, Kemp, or Coca-Cola, and based on your answers to questions 1-3, make an initial evaluation of the quality of their rhetoric. Was this an effective response to the rhetorical context? Why or why not? Your answer should take into account the specific motives of the actor you chose.

How to Get the Most Out of This Assignment:

  1. Be specific: Remember, the point of the assignment isn’t just to watch the videos. Rather, you should look for what specific, unique observations you can make using course readings. What might Burke, Nichols, Weaver, Parrish, Bitzer, Black, Callander, or Diermier say about these texts? Provide specific examples from the case study articles and videos, and from the reading.

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page 1 of 4

1. (2) Define Real Estate Economics:

2. (2) All economic systems are concerned with how to use scarce resources to ____________,_______________, and ____________ ____________ ___________ _____________.

3. (5) Name and briefly describe the five principles of capitalism, and give an example in a real estate context.






4. (2) What is inflation? Define and give an example in a real estate context.

5. (7) Assume we are studying the circular flow of the economy as it applies to Ford

Motors. Further assume that there has been a serious decline in car sales and

economic forecasts predict a deepening recession. In response to these circumstances

Ford cuts back 25% on vehicle production and eliminates all overtime for workers at

at its factories. Describe how this will effect the following: ( Increase or decrease

and why.)

1. Orders for material resources such as steel, glass, tires:

2. Laborer’s earnings:

3. Sales at neighborhood stores:

4. New orders from car dealerships:

5. The housing market:

House sales will_____________ Prices will ____________.

Apartment rents will ___________ Vacancies will_____________ and

Repairs to apartments will be _______________. Why?

6. (2) What is “opportunity cost” and give a real estate example to illustrate your


7. (2) What is “monopolistic competition” and give a real estate example to illustrate

your answer?

8. (2) What is an “economic forecast” and name one?

9. (1) What is an economic “trend”? Describe with a real estate example.

10.(1) What does median price mean in a real estate context?

11.(2) What is the GDP and its component parts?

12. (1) What is M2?

13. (8) The Federal Reserve controls the U.S. __________ policy and what is this policy?

Who is chairman of the Federal Reserve Board?

How many Board members are there?

How long are their terms? Why?

How many Reserve Bank Districts are there? What District are we in?

What is the discount rate?

What is the prime rate?

What is the federal funds rate?

14. (1) Price points move along which curve (supply or demand)?

15. (2) What is Equilibrium? Discuss using a real estate example

16. (3) What is a recession and discuss how it might effect real estate markets. Provide

an example to illustrate your answer.

17. (7) If the Fed wishes to stimulate economic activity to fight a recession what

actions might it take and why? Please demonstrate an understanding of the

money supply, bank reserves, open-market operations, and the discount rate in your


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The final paper will be a minimum of 10 to 12 pages long. Make sure to include peer-reviewed academic references as well as utilize the proper APA format.

Paper Expectations:

  1. You are able to conceptualize and specifically identify issues in public administration discussed in class and the readings. (up to 2 points)
  2. You have clearly explained the crisis situation that occurred. (up to 3 points)
    1. How and why was it a crisis situation?
  3. You have explained which public agencies were involved.
    1. What were the agencies at the various levels of government (federal, state, and local)? (up to 3 points)
    2. Which agencies took the lead and what was their roles and responsibilities? (up to 2 points)
  4. You have explained issues of federalism and intergovernmental relations.
    1. How did the public agencies cooperate and collaborate with one another to address the crisis? (up to 3 points)
    2. What issues or concerns did you identify? Explain. (Up to 3 points)
    3. What were the positive and negatives takeaways? (up to 3 points)
  5. You have addressed the governance concerns.
    1. What other contracted non-profit or private agencies/organizations shared public management authority? Explain who else was involved and what role and responsibility they had. (up to 3 points)
    2. Did the public and private/non-profit agencies effectively communicate and share authority? Why or why not? (up to 2 points)
    3. Were there any interorganizational collaboration concerns? Explain. (up to 2 points)
  6. You have explained whether the government’s response to the crisis situation was effective and/or efficient.
    1. Why do you believe it was or was not effective, and/or efficient? Provide a detailed analysis to explain. (up to 3 points)
  7. You have explained the role of politics in administration.
    1. How did politics play a role influencing administration? (up to 3 points)
  8. You have explained your own thoughts and conclusions concerning the government’s response.
    1. Did government successfully address the crisis? Why or why not? (up to 3 points)
    2. What overall lessons can be shared on the success or failure? (up to 3 points)
  9. You have followed the instructions for the assignment. (up to 2 points)

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Response 3: The War on Terror

Learning Content:

Important: If a link is broken please look for a copy on Youtube and send it to me. DO NOT WAIT FOR ME TO DO IT FOR YOU. You can also watch versions on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix where available. Come to class prepared to discuss the video.

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Response Prompt:

Compare and contrast the domestic and foreign policies of the Clinton and Bush II Administration. How were they similar and how were they different? What legacy did Clinton leave his successor compared to the legacy Bush left Obama?

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California State University N

Personal statement. Write and upload a statement that explains your professional and personal goals.
Do not use more than two (2) double-spaced printed pages.

The personal statement should include the following for Early Childhood Education & School Psychology:
A)  Your career goals
B)  Your reasons for applying to this program  
C)  A brief description  of your past experiences–paid and volunteer–that are relevant to the
program to which you are applying, including:
1) Length of time employed in work relevant to program applied.
2) Actual work performed.
3) Significant or unique experiences.
D)  A description of your background or experience relating to cultural or ethnic minority populations.

I need an original personal statement to apply for school psychology program

****Please Read Entire Websites and incorporate their mission  statement and goal into personal statement so that it shows I am a good  fit***…

Please read entire link!!!! Read the Mission Statement, the Philosophy, the Goals and Objectives and use it in the personal statement to make me a qualified candidate for the program

Information about me for personal statement:

Began community  college in 2017 without a clue of what I want to do in life, I was doing  terrible in college and was even on academic probation at on point, GPA was 1.8. I took a psychology class and felt interested in the major.  Changed my major from Biochemistry to Psychology. I quit my first job  as a server at an Indian restaurant in 2019 and began working at an after school program called LA’s Best. While learning about psychology  and the minds of students I was able to incorporate what I had learned  in college with my job and saw its flaws. While getting my associates  degree in community college i started paving a way into my future. I  decided I would like to become a school psychologist. I transferred from  community college with a low GPA and began taking classes at CSUN.  While at CSUN I decided it was time to clean up my act and strive to do  better. my GPA now is a 3.8 and i have been on the deans list since i  have attended CSUN. I hope to be a helpful member of society to help  schools, parents, teachers, staff, and the overall community to become a  better place. 

Please send a pdf of the final personal statement to me

Information about LA’s Best that can be added to the personal statement:

LA’s BEST Afterschool Enrichment Program plays a vital role in  the lives of more than 25,000 unique and talented elementary school  students who come from neighborhoods with the fewest resources and the  greatest needs.

Every school day, each LA’s BEST student receives a nutritious meal,  help with their homework and the opportunity to participate in a wide  array of enrichment activities.

LA’s BEST engages children creatively, emotionally, intellectually  and physically, empowering them to explore and discover the  opportunities in their lives. We inspire and prepare children to create  lives full of choices.

Ive worked with students with ADHD and Autism

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California State University N

I need an executive summary for the following research report. This provides a summary of research report, including introduction, results, conclusions, and recommendations.

Nurr Designs is a family-owned jewelry business based in Los Angeles and established in 2015. Our client communicated that they’ve been struggling with their online presence and have caused their sales to decrease. After an analysis we concluded that the business wasn’t using social media wisely. Our team agreed that the decision problem is: “How will Nurr Designs strategically use social media to reach a bigger customer base and revive its jewelry business post quarantine?”.

Based on the information our client provided the objective is to increase their following in order to maximize their profit. In order to achieve this we’re going to use secondary research to examine what type of content competitors create to spark interest and attract new customers to their website. This will allow us to understand the type of content our target audience interacts with the most and help Nurr Design recreate similar content for their social media. We will also collect data through primary research that will be done by distributing a questionnaire to existing and potential prospects. This questionnaire will allow us to know if they’re satisfied with the products, if they’re aware about the business, and their intentions to purchase jewelry.


In order to better understand how Nurr Designs could use social media to reach a larger customer base, the research method of primary and secondary research was used. To better recognize the competition and business, secondary data was collected. The methods for collecting primary and secondary data gave a better understanding of the needs of the business. The feedback given was used to improve the customer interaction. After the internal and external secondary data has been analyzed, the primary data of Nurr Designs was collected.

During the research process, benchmarking was used to help in understanding the competitors online presence. To understand how customers view the social media pages, literature searches were conducted. The primary research was used for survey and data collection. Secondary research was conducted to analyze competitors works and contact previous customers. Clients were interviewed individually to get feedback for the business, and reviews left on social media platforms were viewed to see what customers liked.

In order to investigate the decision problem, primary descriptive research in the form of a customer survey was used. Most of the questions were multiple choice, with a few scale rating and free answer questions. The survey was posted on the Nurr Designs Instagram page for people to fill out, and was also sent to the emails of past customers who have purchased before. The survey was given to current and potential customers. A total of 55 people took the survey, and that information was used to see the brands strengths and weaknesses.

The program Google Forms was used to create the survey. The survey consists of 15 questions total, and includes both qualitative and quantitative information. The business wanted to conduct surveys to understand how satisfied customers were on the 5-point scale system and how likely people were to recommend the product offerings. Also, the business wanted to see how aware and knowledgeable customers were about the products. Data was collected on how customers discovered Nurr Designs and what they already knew. To see what social media platforms provided advertisements for the jewelry, aided recall was used. Finally, with intentions, Nurr Designs wanted to understand the likelihood that people would purchase jewelry during and after the covid pandemic. The business wanted to see if people were more or less likely to purchase jewelry during the pandemic, since most stay at home. Continuing with intentions, purchase intentions due to the product quality, sentimental value, and locally owned were measured.


Current customers as well as potential customers and csun students were invited to participate in our research survey. Of the _ people that were invited to take the survey, 55 responded. Only 9.1% were current customers, so most of the responses we got were from potential customers. The demographic of responses included female and male of ages between 16 and 40, with the majority being split almost evenly between 21-28 (40%) and 16-21 (38.2%) groups. Since Nurr Designs is positioned in a female jewelry sector with a focus on necklaces, it was not surprising that most responses were female (69.8%), although, we got more than expected male responses (24.5%) which may suggest that interest in the products came from gift ideas. Still, this concludes that the responders were mostly young female adults.

Casual use is the biggest reason people continue to purchase jewelry and there exists a correlation between the frequency of use and the frequency of purchase. Furthermore, people who buy more frequently are the ones most concerned about the price.

…While looking at the results, it is clear that so far Nurr Designs relies heavily on the successful word of mouth form of marketing (2/3 of all of current customers), with social media being a far second(16.7%). Furthermore, out of all current customers surveyed, none have found Nurr Designs from an Etsy internal search, suggesting that Etsy is not the best platform for Nurr Designs. This leads us to perform a hypothesis testing…

…looking at a crosstab between frequency of purchase and advertising platform, we can clearly see that most people saw ads for jewelry on Instagram, ALTHOUGH, after performing a test of mean differences, we find that those who purchase the most jewelry during the pandemic, see more jewelry advertisement on pinterest (1.79) rather than Instagram (1.64) or even facebook (1.5), suggesting that pinterest is the best platform for gaining the most sales during the pandemic, with Instagram having the highest reach.

Our hypothesis was that pinterest has a significantly larger purchase frequency mean (1.79) than the average (1.6). After performing a right-tailed test, we found that our p-value was 0.047 which is less than 5%, so we reject the null hypothesis in favor of our alternative hypothesis (?)


Based on our literature research, we found that Etsy is actually not a bad platform to sell on despite what we hypothesised before. Etsy’s number of active buyers have more than doubled in the past 3 years, going from 39.45 million in 2018 to 81.9 million in 2020, according to Statista (2021). Though, Etsy’s sellers have increased as well and most identify as women (82%), with California having by far the largest number of sellers compared to other states which puts competitive pressure.

We found that potential customers haven’t seen any jewelry advertisement on Esty and none of the current customers found Nurr Designs store from Etsy search, meaning the store could benefit from etsy sponsored listings since they generate traffic directly to stores. Furthermore, based on our survey’s analysis on social media platform advertising and frequency of buying, we concluded that most people have seen jewelry ads on Instagram, but people who buy the most jewelry in recent times saw more jewelry ads on Pinterest. From our survey of current customers, we found that they don’t mind Etsy. Therefore, we will advise to keep the Etsy store but expand marketing efforts into online platforms like Pinterest (to target frequent buyers of jewelry) and Instagram (to reach the most people).

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