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While we spend years in school learning verbal communication (language and how to read, write, and speak), we give far less attention to learning how to become better at nonverbal communication–so powerfully profound a means of communication, too!!! A good place to start is to consider your own use of the many forms of nonverbal communication:

How Well Do You Communicate Nonverbally and

What Would You Like to Develop with Regard to Your Nonverbal Communication Skills?

And research tells us that when we formulate goals for ourselves, we are more likely to achieve them….


First, complete the Thinking About Your Nonverbal Communication: Self-Assessment. << in the file

  • For your post to this discussion board, please choose three different nonverbal communication abilities (you can choose the main categories or individual items under a main category) from those listed in that Nonverbal Communication Self-Assessment that you would like to develop. These may be strengths you wish to develop even more or weaknesses you wish to improve. Please number each of these three different nonverbal communication abilities and then for each one, state what it is and why you think it is important to work upon and then the steps you plan to take to develop in that ability. (For example, 1. Name of nonverbal communication ability selected and why you chose it and the steps you plan to take to improve in that ability.)
  • Please also look over the contributions of your colleagues to round out more fully your thinking and respond to two classmates and offer further thoughts for them on their post (more or different ways that nonverbal communication ability is important to work on, others steps to consider taking to improve in that area, or how their post may add to your own thinking about nonverbal communication) to further the discussion and dialogue. Please respond to classmates who have received low/no response at the time you are posting to the discussion board–you may have to go further down the discussion board, depending on when you post–so that everyone receives classmate comments.

Student contributions to this discussion board that are missing any of these components–three nonverbal communication skills, each numbered, with the reason why you chose it and how you plan to work on it, as well as two responses to classmates, all in the manner described above–will lose some points, so please be sure you have everything.

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