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COMM 120

Relationship Analysis Paper
The relationship analysis paper is an interpersonal communication exercise designed to help
you realize the importance of your communication style and various influences on your
To apply interpersonal communication theories and concepts to your life
To increase your awareness of how you influence and are influenced by others
You must choose a person (friend, colleague, partner etc.) and meet FACE-TO-FACE
(if possible) or use FaceTime, Skype, or other video conferencing services. Meet with
them at least two times for at least 30 minutes each meeting. This should be a time
when you are alone with the person and can talk with them.
The purpose of each meeting is to talk. But be aware of what occurs as you talk.
Heighten your awareness and sensitivity—use all your perceptions.
After each meeting, write down your observations and reactions from the meetings.
You should note your perceptions of the meeting as well as communication principles
that were evident.
Concepts and terms from the textbook must be used when writing your paper. If you
incorporate additional sources, they need to be cited on works cited page. Use the
textbook as your source for paper and provide works cited page in MLA style.
The outcome of this activity is a critical analysis of the relationship. It should be 1170-1200
words in length. The paper must be double-spaced with standard 1-inch margins, 12-point
font, and works cited page.
The format for the paper:
I. Introduction
The introduction gives an overview of the paper. You should state what kind of
relationship you have with that person (friend or intimate) and where and when the
meetings took place.
This is the main material for the analysis of the relationship with that person. Be sure to
include elements from the transactional communication model (e.g. physical / internal
context, message formation, noise etc.).
Describe the relationship and where and when the meetings took place.
A. Meeting 1
B. Meeting 2
II. Analysis
This is the body of the paper. You analyze the relationship based on your observations and
past experiences with that person.
You can compare and contrast the episodes to highlight specific aspects of the relationship
(e.g. nonverbal communication, style of conversation, verbal communication etc.). Show
how these concepts relate to each other and explain how these concepts shape the
Support your claims with specific examples from your meetings and use research from

textbook. What would you like to improve about the relationship?

Important: Identify aspects of self-concept as it relates to the relationship
and include aspects of Johari windows.
III. Evaluation
Summarize your thoughts and feelings by describing the health of this relationship and your
role in shaping/changing its future.

Relationship Analysis Paper Format
I. Introduction

A. Meeting 1

B. Meeting 2

II. Analysis

III. Evaluation
Works Cited
Include information for textbook used in class.

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