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African  American teen mothers are often stigmatized. This selection examines a  birth center in Washington, D.C., that seeks to offer both support and  education.

If stigma doesn’t necessarily prevent teen pregnancy, what impact might it have on those who do become pregnant?

What might the young women who receive services at this birth center gain, beyond health care?

How might the experience of pregnancy be different for mothers-to-be  who receive comprehensive care and support? No prenatal care?

Respond to at least two of your classmates

Dominique Guzman  (She/Her/Hers)        


  1. Oct 3 at 5:38pm
  2. 1.  If women expecting were stigmatized, it would only instill a fear of  ever being pregnant and their resources would dwindle if they felt they  had no where to turn to for help. It’s hard to find support when all  else seems to be against you and judged for having lived a life  different from theirs. Not only does this hurt the young mothers but  this in also influences how their children will grow.
  3. 2. The young women who seek help from a birth center may not only  receive assistance within their pregnancy but through their education  and with their employment. It allows for the support and help they  couldn’t find elsewhere which fills in a huge void of what they’ve been  missing all along. As simple as it may seem, this helps them  tremendously.
  4. 3. The difference between receiving the proper care and support, and  not would surely make a dent into ones motherhood. Without the aid of  these programs, it would be difficult to navigate those urgencies and  whereabouts, for this is a brand new life that requires medical  attention – anyone who may be in need of it of course. We are here  because of our mothers, I am more than grateful to those who help along  the way.

Olivia Flores         

1.  The stigma about teen pregnancy does not prevent it, but the impact it  has on teen moms is huge. A lot of teens may feel scared or shameful  because of it but in reality they shouldn’t feel that way, they should  get an overwhelming amount of support. Some may even feel that life is  over for them after they have their child, but that’s not the case  because moms are fully capable to fulfill their goals and create a  strong future for themselves.

2. The women who receive services at the birth center gain knowledge  of how to care for their child. As well as some of the clients become  employees. 

3.  A mother-to-be who receives comprehensive care, support and  prenatal care will have more benefits that a mother without. They will  have the mental and physical support and knowledge to be prepared for  the birth. 

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