CFD 375B Grossmont Cuyamaca C

Discuss the major developmental characteristics, abilities, issues, and/or concerns of the middle childhood years demonstrated in the children’s activity/game/toy in three major developmental domains.Apply the knowledge of middle childhood development to selecting an appropriate activity for schoolchildren.Argue, by using course knowledge, how schoolchildren’s development can be promoted in three major domains when they engage in the activity.Instructions:Select one activity, game, or toy appropriate for schoolchildren in all three developmental domains (physical/motor, cognitive, and socioemotional). 1. Briefly describe the activity/game/toy (size, parts, needed space, set-up, other materials, etc.).I. What are the major ways, behaviors, and rules of playing/interacting with the activity? Describe particularly those major ways of playing that are related to the developmental characteristics you will be discussing in this paper. (Cite the internet source if you use any.)II. What is/are the goal(s) for children while they engage in the activity, e.g. enjoy the interaction, refine a skill, increase an ability, win the highest score, finish it the first, etc.? 2. Paraphrase the textbookinformationfromChapter 12-14 to support the discussion of appropriateness of the activity. Answer all of the following questions for each developmental domain. Discuss about one domain at a time.I.State the developmental domain and the schoolchildren’s developmental characteristics/abilities/issues, which are relevant to the chosen activity/game/toy.For each domain, identify two (or more) aspects of schoolchildren’s developmental characteristics/abilities/issues discussed in the textbook that are relevant to the activity.II.Substantially paraphrase textbook information to discuss the specific developmental characteristics/abilities/issues. Cite the text twice or more for EACH aspect, with good quantity and depth of knowledge. After citing the text, discuss how children’s specific play behaviors reflect the paraphrased course knowledge. Describe the possible behaviors of children.III.To earn a better grade: For each domain, you are encouraged to discuss how the child’s development can be further promoted and/or abilities/skills be enhanced when the child is doing the activity alone or with others. Support your arguments by paraphrasing textbook information.

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