CHEM-1405 South Texas College

Student Presentations Instructions for CHEM-1405
This Spring 2021 semester, the student presentation is on different sources of air, water,
and soil pollution. On Blackboard, there is a short description of sources to give a sense of direction
for that topic. You do not need to include all sources, only what you choose from the list or possibly
another source not listed to make it complete. There is a sign-up sheet posted on Blackboard.
Choose a topic early to give you the best selection. You will work with other students that also
randomly choose to sign-up for the same topic. Once your group members are determined, you are
responsible to contact them to coordinate preparing the presentation through the Discussion
Board, e-mail, and file share. You also can change which group you are part of if you like.
Remember, there are only three members for each topic. There also may be only two members to a
group. In these groups, divide the work evenly.
You may want to do a Google search to initially start preparing the presentation. This is a good
source of information and can lead to an interesting presentation. Another excellent source of
information you might want to check is the library. If you get stuck or have any questions, please
ask my assistance! I can help give you direction.
The presentation is to be written into a formal typed report. The report is to be 1.5 line spacing,
and a serif (formal) 11-point font type (examples of serif font types are: Times New Roman,
Cambria, etc.). It is to be divided among the group members. You can divide the report any way
you like if everyone agrees. The report should have a title page and be four-to-five additional pages
in length. Be certain to reference any material brought into the report and include a list on a
separate page appended to the back of the report. You may use any referencing style you want
(APA, Chicago, etc.), but be certain to reference all your sources. Save the final draft of the report in
a Word format and submit into the drop box that will be available in Blackboard. The report is due
by Thursday, 5/6, in the last week of the regular semester. You can submit it earlier if the
presentation is finished and agreed on by all group members.
The title page is to include the title, date, and all group member’s names. Only one report needs to
be submitted for each group. Use the same font type, but a larger font size of your choosing for the
title page. In the report, divide it into three section. In the first section is subtitled Introduction.
This includes what the source of pollution is and how it is generated, a general amount (if available)
and how it migrates through the environment. The second section subtitled Environmental Effects
of “this type of pollution.” (example: Environmental Effects of Nitrogen Oxides). This section lists
any environmental and effects and plants, animals, and humans including health effects. The third
section is subtitled Summary which includes an outlook. Are there efforts to control this type of
pollution? Include a summary of your subjective option of the seriousness and outlook of this type
of pollution. Remember, this is a subjective opinion. There are no wrong opinions! Include the

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