CMC The Effect of Gender Norm

  • Books and Large Works such as magazines, newspapers, and journals are in Italics Always – both inside your essay body and on the reference page
  • Books and Large Works are in Title Case Inside Your Essay Body
  • Books and Large Works are in Sentence case after the date on the reference page
  • “Articles” and “Short Works” such as “Chapters”, “Articles”, and “Poems” are “In Quotation Marks” and “Title Case” Inside Your Essay Body
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Essay #1 PROMPT copied from the syllabus :

Essay Requirements

Each essay will be graded on content and form. All essays are to be written in APA

format (7th Edition). Include both a CoverPage and Reference Page. Word Count Specific to Each Essay Prompt


“Children need to see a variety of characters with a range of personality traits and behaviors in order to minimize the likelihood that they will develop the belief that there is only one prescribed way to identify as male or female” (Berry & Wilkins, 2017).

Write a formal 1000 Word APA paper focusing on the impact of gender norms within children’s literature.


Find a central essay topic based on the Negative impact of GENDER STEREOTYPES and/or GENDER BIAS in children’s literature, utilizing a minimum of four (4) four articles from the EDUC121 Reader. Utilize Readings #8, #9, #10, #11.


You are to have a minimum of ONE (1) Direct Quote (or Paraphrased Quote – remember to ‘bookend’ paraphrased material) obtained from each of these 4 different article/chapter readings found in your EDUC 121 Reader or for a minimum total of FOUR (4) APA citations inside your paper.

Suggested focus of your essay could include the history of multicultural literature’s attempts to counter gender normed stereotypes, the impact of gender biased children’s literature, and how good multicultural children’s literature inspires us to think more critically about equity of gender norms enhancing social justice for all. A Reference APA formatted page is required along with a Cover page.Further details to transpire and be discussed in class.

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