CMST 303 UMGC Significance of

Select a topic related to Computer & Information Systems and write a research paper. 

Some examples of topics areas are listed below:
NOTE 1:  These

aspect of one of these topics. For instance, for the topic Software Piracy, you might choose to discuss/research the effects of software piracy on the economy over the last 10 years, etc. If you are unsure about the scope of your topic, please contact me for clarification. 

  Storage Devices  

Communication Devices

Information Systems

System Unit

Input Devices


System Software

Application Software

Computer Networks

Network Topologies





Internet Services

Computer Hardware

Software Piracy


Collaboration Options

Managing Database Objects

Object Linking and Embedding

Advanced Database and Data Management



Project must follow APA guidelines throughout.

1. Double-spaced (including the reference page).
2. 1inch Margins.
3. 12 point professional font (e.g. Times New Roman).
4. Headers including paper title and page number (except on title page).
5. Manage your sources using Word’s Reference tools.
NOTE 2:   MS Word is not quite up-to-date with the latest APA citation rules so  please verify and correct after using the Word Reference tool. Keep in  mind that this is only a tool to help speed the process along. Note: All  sources in your reference list must also be cited in the body of text.
6. Use styles for the section headings, captions, body text, etc.
NOTE 3: Use Heading 1 style for the main heading and Heading 2 for side headings.
7. Spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc. must be correct.
8. Include main and side headings.
NOTE 4: Main  headings are centered headings. Examples of main headings are the  Introduction and the Conclusion. You will decide what the specific  headings for the body are, depending on your individual topic. Please  see more information at Content > Course Resources > Sample Paper  to Show Document Formatting.

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