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This week, you will provide information for your classmates. In 2019, Governor Newsom approved many health related bills for California. Some new laws used the traditional route of being passed through both houses of the legislature with ample opportunity for the public to weigh in. These new laws that were developed through the process of public policy making are designated as SB (senate bill) or AB (assembly bill). SB’s and AB’s have public comment periods or formal public hearings. On the other hand, Governor Newsom used his “Executive Order” to make new laws, which means that the general public had little or no input in the process. These are designated as “Governor’s Executive Order” in this assignment.

The purpose of this exercise is to ask students to help inform students (peer to peer). Additionally, we observe how health policy is made in California using a case study of health policy/laws that were passed in 2019. We will administer an anonymous poll in Week 11-to case your vote, you need to be informed of the pros and cons of each new law.

Here is the assignment for Week 10:

Health-Related Bills (some Executive Orders) signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom in 2019

1. Medication-induce abortion (abortion pill) available at CSU and UC campuses by Jan. 1, 2023 (SB-24)

2. Health insurance companies required to cover the costs of fertility procedures when treatments make it difficult to have children (SB-600)

3. State Attorney General granted more powers to go after pharmaceutical companies that “pay for delay” (AB-824)

4. Young adults in the country illegally are Medi-Cal eligible (Governor’s Executive Order)

5. Private for-profit prisons and immigration detention centers are banned (healthcare job losses), (AB-32)

6. Construction companies required to provide valley fever training to employees (AB-203)

7. Medical Marijuana allowed at K-12 schools (SB-223)

8. Californians are now required to have health insurance or pay a penalty next year (Governor’s Executive Order)

9. HIV prevention drugs may be dispensed without prescriptions (SB-159)

10. Perinatal health care providers required to have “bias training” aimed at reducing maternal deaths among black women (SB-464)

11. Hospitals will be fined $15,000 to $30,000 for each occurrence of not meeting state-mandated nurse staffing levels (SB-227)

12. Public Health authority increased to review and revoke medical exemptions for childhood vaccinations (SB 276)

Discussion Board 10 Exercise Steps:

  1. Pick two (2) Assembly Bills (AB), or Senate Bills (SB), or Executive Orders by the Governor.

-Pick one (1) that you are most interested in or most familiar with;

-Pick one (1) that you are least interested in or least familiar with.

The intent here is to collect a wide distribution of discussions so all of us do not pick the same ones.

  1. Research (Google works well here) your selection and provide a brief explanation of (in your own words):

-one main point for the new law, and;

-one main point against the new law.

  1. You may include both of your selections and explanations in one post or submit two selections in two posting.
  1. Do not respond to any of your classmate’s posting for this discussion board exercise.
  1. The purpose of this exercise is to present information for an anonymous poll of the new health care laws next week-inform your classmates critically (present one main argument for, and one main argument against your selections).

Instructor’s note: The narrative about new laws signed by Governor Newsom was developed using headlines from newspapers. The language and terms used to describe the new laws is not from your instructor.

Here is an example of a post for one (1) selection that is not on your list:

Shift gas-tax road repair funds for Highways 99 and 46 to high-speed rail and green-house gas projects (Governor’s Executive Order)

For: The Governor used an Executive Order to help fund California’s initiative to decrease green-house gases. Funding projects that decrease the effects of carbon are good for the environment.

Against: The Governor used an Executive Order to bypass the will of the voters. The voter’s approved a gas tax increase (twice) to improve funding for road repairs and highway enhancements. The governor is shifting funds dedicated to make our roads safer, especially on Highway 99 and the dangerous Highway 46 at the Cholame Y, for his pet projects.

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