CSUN Three Ways of Meeting Op


  1. PREVIEW “Three Ways to Meet Oppression” (LARS 4, Ch 9, Reading 3, pp. 242-243). Look at the title. What do you think the text will be about?
  2. Are there any charts, graphs, tables, pictures, etc.? Look at them quickly.
    a) Why do you think they are included?
    b) Do you recognize any of these?
  3. How many paragraphs are in “Three Ways to Meet Oppression”?
  4. a) Is there a paragraph that isn’t numbered?
    b) What is different about this paragraph?
    c) Where is it?
    d) What do you think the purpose of this paragraph is?
  5. SKIM “Three Ways to Meet Oppression”. This should only take 1-2 minutes. Skimming allows you to pick up some of the main ideas in a text without focusing on specific details. Skimming should be a very fast process. When you skim a text, you are only reading certain parts of the text quickly – you will skip many more sentences than you read. Try reading only the first and last sentence of each paragraph. You don’t have to read complete sentences.

    Were you able to pick up any of the main ideas in “Three Ways to Meet Oppression”? What do you think they are?

  6. SCAN “Three Ways to Meet Oppression” for keywords connected to the main idea(s) of the text. This should only take 1-2 minutes.

    Did you notice any repeated words that might be keywords? List at least two.

  7. Now, read the text again more closely for details. Try to identify the main idea of the text. The main idea of an academic essay like “Three Ways to Meet Oppression” can usually be found in the thesis statement, which is usually in the first paragraph.

    Write the thesis statement for “Three Ways to Meet Oppression” here.

  8. The title of this academic essay is “Three Ways to Meet Oppression”. THREE ways. What are the three ways?
  9. In Question 8:
    a) Which paragraph(s) discuss the first way?
    b)Which paragraph(s) discuss the second way?
    c) Which paragraph(s) discuss the third way?
  10. What questions about “Three Ways to Meet Oppression” do you still have that were not answered through the process in 1. – 9. above?

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