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Social Psychology

Writing Assignment

For this assignment, please investigate a subject matter of your choosing that relates to ONE of the following social psychological research topics: (i) Socialization (ii) social identity (iii) stigma management (iv) emotion management (v) social perception (vi) attitude formation/change (vii) social influence (viii) prosocial behavior (ix) aggression and (x) group cohesion or conflict. Once you’ve identified a subject matter, you’ll need to develop a research question (which you intend to answer) to guide your research (‘the systematic study of materials and sources in order to establish facts’). Then, after you’ve collected adequate data and evidence from relevant social psychological studies (in the form of research findings), you’ll need to formulate a thesis (a statement that is put forward as an argument to be supported or proved) that best answers your proposed research question. Thus, your final paper should include (in the following order): A research question, a thesis and supporting evidence.

1. The first page must include a proper title, research question and thesis statement (see page 2). (A ‘title page’ is not necessary.)

2.Papers must incorporate findings from at least five outside sources. Permissible scholastic sources include sociological peer-reviewed journal articles (see below for a list of recommended sociology journals) and academic press chapters/books.

3) Papers must conform to the following format specifications:

ASA citation style (see ‘ASA Style Guide’ )
Times 12-point font
Double spaced

Standard margins
Numbered pages
Reference page
5 pages in length (excluding reference page)

——————————————————[Sample Template]—————————————————

Soc 132 Student name
Professor/TA Surname Date

“Salvaging the Self From Homelessness”

Research Question: How do the homeless, who are members of a highly stigmatized population, sustain conceptions of self-worth?

Thesis: The homeless sustain conceptions of self-worth by engaging in three forms of ‘identity talk’: distancing, embracement and fictive storytelling, enabling them to situationally resist, accept or mythicize the stigmatized social identity of homelessness.

[Introductory paragraph begins here]

————————————————————————————————————————————— Sociological Journals:

American Journal of Sociology
American Sociological Review
Annual Review of Sociology
Contemporary Sociology Contexts
Cultural Sociology
Deviant Behavior
Economy and Society
Ethnic and Racial Studies
Gender and Society
Journal of Contemporary Ethnography Journal of Health and Social Behavior Journal of Marriage and Family Qualitative Sociology
Social Forces
Social Problems
Social Psychology Quarterly Sociological Forum
Sociological Inquiry
Sociological Methodology
Sociological Perspectives
Sociological Theory
Sociology of Education
Sociology of Health and Illness Sociology of Religion

Symbolic Interactionism
Theory, Culture and Society Theory and Society
Work, Employment and Society Work and Occupations
Youth and Society

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