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Upload your file, two Summary Paragraphs (one for each anchor text) here by 10/30 ; of course, you will as usual get my comments when work is submitted on time to aid in your production of the complete draft (due 12/03 last day of classes). Again, I will check these complete drafts, give you feedback, and you can revise if needed.

NOTE: For this assignment, you will need 2 anchor texts representative OF YOUR TWO CHOSEN SOLUTIONS; then you will need research information supporting your argument that these are the two (BEST) solutions that must be included in a climate action plan


Summary Paragraph (“Anchor Text” 1)

Summary Paragraph(“Anchor Text” 2)


When, you are writing this paper , have confidence that you have the skills to create summaries paragraphs; use transitions to connect your ideas, and use (Links to an external site.) to create intext citations, one for each anchor text (eventually needed for your Works Cited). THIS IS NOT WHERE YOU INSERT YOUR OPINIONS; it is a summary of what the author says only!

Finally, don’t forget about punctuation, and pay close attention to the Argument Paper Format


Remember your Summary; use these instructions if you have forgotten how to write a summary paragraph)


PURPOSE: To summarize your two anchor texts about ways to mitigate climate change re: claims, key ideas, and evidence.

Basic Summary Paragraph FORMAT (and use instructions from Summary) :

  • (transition) Topic Sentence: Identify Author, “Title”) (date). and state claim about key idea.
  • Explain Topic Sentence: Explain and provide background, overview and details about the key idea. o Introduce Evidence: Introduce your evidence either in a few words (As Dr. Brown states,) or in a full sentence ( To understand this issue we first need to look at statistics,).
  • State Evidence: What supporting evidence (reasons, examples, facts, statistics, and/or quotations) can you include to prove/support/explain your topic sentence? (need intext citation beside research)
  • Explain Evidence: How should we read or interpret the evidence you are providing us? How does this evidence prove the point you are trying to make in this paragraph? Must be fact based and is at least 3 sentences.
  • Concluding Sentence: End your paragraph with a concluding sentence that reasserts how the topic sentence of this paragraph helps readers better understand and/or prove your paper’s overall claim about the best way to mitigate climate change.

You will upload these files, your paragraphs, so that they can be evaluated in a timely fashion, or the feedback you get will be limited. Use button to the right that says “SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT.”

POST: When you feel that you have a TWO competent Summary paragraphs post your file below:



(use the part for summary paragraphs)


Composition Concerns: the Conclusion paragraph is to be written in formal voice (3rd person); advice on paragraph construction follows:

Basic Paragraph Format


Third-Person Objective Viewpoint


Reminder: Check the examples of the summary paragraphs (second and third paragraphs in the essay:

To Post the paragraph :

When you feel that you have two competent summary paragraphs:

Use blue button to the right that says “SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT.”

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