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Learning Goal: I’m working on a sociology exercise and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Note: The due date above is a later date than displayed in the syllabus.

Objective: The Paper gives you the opportunity to apply your knowledge and understanding of statuses and roles. Module 4 discusses statuses and roles.

This paper has two parts. The first part is to create a status tree, and the second part is to write about the statuses of that tree in relation to the related key concepts from the text.

How to Complete Part 1: The Status Tree

Use the Shapes, Smart Art, or drawing tools in Microsoft Word to create a status tree that illustrates your achieved, ascribed, and master statuses. Use different colors, shapes, or shading to distinguish achieved from ascribed statuses.

This video gives a tutorial on using SmartArt:

Here is the example of a status tree from the Module 4:

An example of a status set showing achieved and ascribed statuses

Note: This status tree does not indicate a master status, but you must indicate one in your status tree.

If you cannot figure out the Word Shapes, Smart Art, or drawing tools, then use another imaging program, or draw one by hand. If you use another imaging program, then save your image as jpeg file (no larger than 100KB please) and insert it into your paper. If you draw your tree by hand, then scan or take a photo of your tree and save it as a jpeg file (no larger than 100KB please) and then insert it into your paper.

How to Complete Part 2: The Paper

In the paper, use your roles and statuses to define and apply the following terms to your own life. Be sure to define and give examples of each of the following from your own life, based on your status tree.

Status (define and give an example from your life)

Achieved Status (Define and include at least 4 from your life)

Ascribed Status (Define and include at least 6 from your life)

Status Symbol (Define and include at least 1 from your life)

  • Master Status (Define and include your master status)
  • Role (define and give an example from your life)
  • Role Conflict (Define and include at least 1 example from your life)
  • Role Strain (Define and include at least 1 example from your life)
  • Include an introduction and conclusion in your paper. View the rubric to see how the paper will be graded.
  • This video has a refresher of the concepts.
  • Format
  • To avoid compatibility issues, the paper must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document .docx or .doc (plus a jpeg status tree if necessary)

Note: If you do not have Microsoft Word, then use a campus computer when you are ready to type your paper or use Google Docs and save as a Word document (Be sure to check for changes in formatting before submitting if you go this route) when you are done. Some word processors, like Pages, also export to Microsoft Word. Consult your word processor manual for details. Be careful with exports, since tables (status trees) do not always export well.

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