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I will provide all the information below please read carefully… ( My semester topic is Reading Real Or Fiction Stories).

First I need a 2 pages Journal regarding my essay topic is (Reading Real Or Fiction Stories). Write down and explain the various rhetorical strategies that you plan to use in your Module IV Essay. “Evidence” also counts as a rhetorical strategy. So you can also list and discuss any books or other research you plan to use. More information, Now, that you have brainstormed a number of arguments within your Semester Topic, select the best one. What is the debate? What is the Thesis? What are the Counter Argument(s)? What kind of evidence are you planning to use to prove your Thesis true? This needs to be short summary 2 pages.

Second is the Outline for Module IV Essay. As with Module IV, you will need to write a Roman Numeral/Topic Sentence Outline of your Module IV Essay. Need to be 3 pages outline. ( I will put an example for my other essay so you know how the outline needs to be done).

Lastly is the Final Essay or the Module IV essay, you are going to try to convince an audience of an argument within your Semester Topic. Are you writing about Climate Change and want to convince people that it is due to the burning of fossil fuels? Are you writing about Baseball and want to convince your reader that “instant replay” should be used instead of relying only on the umpire’s eyesight? Are you writing about a Social Issue and want to convince the nation that current laws need to be changed? My topic is… (READING REAL OR FICTION STORIES).

First, you will need to find a controversy, question, problem, argument or debate within your Semester Topic. Then, you will develop a Thesis that reflects your opinion on the issue.

Secondly, you will spend the duration of Module IV developing Evidence that proves your Thesis.

Thirdly, you should address the Counter Arguments that could jeopardize the credibility of your own Thesis.

The Module IV essay will be five (5) pages long and observe the standard MLA guidelines that we discussed in Module I. Also, because you will be doing research, you will need to include a Bibliography/Works Cited plus In-Text Citations to show your research sources.

Feel free to ask me any type of questions.

essay grading rubric-3

GRADE ________

“A” Range

___Writer creates a unique, intelligent Voice

___Paper is unified around one thesis and flows evenly and logically throughout

___ Advanced command of vocabulary and diction

___ Advanced command of sentence variety and punctuation

___Advanced command of rhetorical strategies

___Ability to create appropriate emotion and move the reader

___Ability to create drama, tension, and suspense and “grip” the reader

___Ability to provide examples, stories, and metaphors that “humanize” the arguments

___Research and evidence is extremely convincing

___Paper greatly exceeds minimum page count

Modern Language Association -2

MLA Formatting

Part of writing a college essay is giving the paper the correct “look.” Here are some basic Modern Language Association (MLA) formatting tips:

Two-Part Title

Part 1 captures the emotional spirit. Part 2 tells the reader exactly what the essay is about:

Spit Ball:

The History of Cheating in Baseball

-Typed and printed on standard 8.5×11 paper

-Cover Sheet (or Cover Page) with name and title

Cover Sheet is not page 1. It is unnumbered like the cover of a book.

-Double-spaced lines

This includes between paragraphs and Sub-Headers

-12-point Times-Roman type font

This includes Cover Sheet, the actual essay, and Bibliography.

-One inch margins (left, right, top, bottom)

-Numbered pages (upper right)

-Section “Sub-Headers”

Short Titles for each section in the “body” of the essay. You can also give the Conclusion a simple Sub-Header such as the word Conclusion.

-The Bibliography (or Works Cited) should include all of the books and outside resources used in the essay. The Bibliography should be the last page. So if you have a 7-page essay, the Bibliography will be Page 8.

-Stapled pages

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