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Your paper should be typed in Arial or Times New Roman font only, and double-spaced. Your paper should be no less than 1000 words. You may write more than 1000 words if you want, but no less. (The heading and title DO NOT count as part of the word count). I do not want footnotes or a bibliography; just put your “quotes in quotation marks”. Please have a clear introduction of what your main argument(s) is (are), and a conclusion tying all the evidence and examples together and how your point was proven. DUE AT 11:59 PM ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 7, 2021

Paper Topic:

How did the Roman Empire transition to a (or two) Christian empire(s)?

You must use ALL the terms/topics below in your paper to support your thesis. DO NOT just randomly litter your paper with the terms. You MUST connect and analyze the terms within your paper to support your argument clearly in an organized manner. Please underline each term within your paper.

I’m looking for analytical connections on the events that happened. DO NOT thoughtlessly retell the events in the book to fill up space. I want to be able to see a clear connection between your argument and the evidence that you provide.

There are no right or wrong answers.

1. Roman merchants in Britain

2. Pope Leo I

3. The Consolation of Philosophy

4. missionaries

5. Clovis

6. female royal family members

7. Pope Gregory I

8. penitentials

9. Code of Justinian

10. Orthodox Church

11. Battle of Poitiers

12. Charles Martel

13. Pope Zacharias

14. Pope Stephen II

15. Pippin III

16. Charlemagne

17. Renovatio romani imperi

18. Pope Leo III (for this one I think is under “The Imperial Coronation of Charlemagne” in Chapter 8)

19. Empress Irene

20. Holy Roman Emperor

Book: History of Western Society, Value Edition, Volume 1, 13th Edition Chapter 7-8

Topics For These Chapters:


How did the barbarian migrations shape Europe?

       Celtic and Germanic People in Gaul and Britain

       Visigoths and Huns

       Germanic Kingdoms and the End of the Roman Empire

How did the church convert barbarian peoples to Christianity?

       Missionaries’ Actions

       The Process of Conversion

How did the Byzantine Empire preserve the legacy of Rome?

       Sources of Byzantine Strength

       The Law Code of Justinian

       The Orthodox Church


How did the Franks build and govern a European empire?

       The Merovingians

       The Rise of the Carolingians

       The Warrior-Ruler Charlemagne

       Carolingian Government and Society

       The Imperial Coronation of Charlemagne

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