EDS 111 UCSD Bronfenbrenner E

The final component of the Family Collaboration Project is to write a final paper reflecting upon your experiences completing the full Family Collaboration Project and what you learned about the role of family and community contexts in children’s development. 


Start your paper introducing your host and their current cultural community they are living in. Provide as many details as you can including employment of adults, ages of children, main concerns, main strengths. Introduce your main thesis in this paper here.

Section I: Theory

Discuss one or more theories that provided the basis for your analysis and interpretation of your experiences with your host. Be sure to use in-text citations to reference the original sources (Keepin’ on Book or individual readings from class) for the theories. Make connections to Keepin’ On and how the authors used theory to analyze and interpret the case families. You may either make reference to the author’s analysis and/or to the specific families in Keepin’ On. This section must include at least one reference to a course reading (not lecture).

Section II: Positive Development

Describe the family and community strengths that you learned about though your project. Back up any claims you make about their relevance with references from this class, or outside of class. Make connections to the theories you are using to analyze your host. You may also make connections to the Keepin’ On book.

Section III: Recommendations

Describe the recommendations you would make to support your host in their specific goals. Use theory and course readings to support your claims

Section IV: Your own learning and development

What did you learn from your experiences interacting with your host?

What did you learn about the host’s needs and the resources available that you didn’t know before this project?

Include a reflection on how the resource list was received and helped your Host.

What are some misconceptions or biases that you had about your host?

How have your biases changed since you became more familiar with your host and his/her specific needs/interests?

What did you learn from this experience? How will this new knowledge shape your future interactions with families?

Include a highlight or two from your engagement with the family.


End your paper with a concluding paragraph to reinforce your thesis and main claims. Use theory again to re-inforce the main thesis and claims you are making in this paper



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