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All the discussions are based on the material entitled “ The other Wes Moore” which is attached in pdf format. All the other documents require to complete this task are also included. There are three short parts for this task. Please deliver them in a different document and make sure it is based on the book and the request. The word documents need to be answered accordingly. I attached them to give you access to the full questions. All the questions in the 3 file need to be answered too in around 2-3 paragraphs each. In total there are 15 sets of questions which need to be answered (3 are listed in this request as a text and the other 12 can be found in the 3 documents attached) Everything must be answered.

TOWM Chapters 1-3 Discussion Post

Select 3-4 quotes from chapters 1-3 that stood out to you and write a 2-3 paragraph (total) post that answers the following:
1. Why did these quotes stand out to you?
2. Why do you think these quotes are important?
3. How do these quotes add to your understanding of the book?

Be sure to include the exact quotes (with page numbers) in your post. When answering the
questions, be sure to talk about each of the quotes you selected. Note, all quotes cannot come from Chapter 1.

Mini writing assignment #2 TOWM Chapters 1-3 TOMLIN.docx

TOWM Chapters 4-6 Discussion Post

Select a visual image or video of your choosing that you think relates in some way to Chapters 4-6. Post the image/video to the discussion board and write a 2-3 paragraph posts that answers the following:

  1. What is happening in the image/video that you selected?
  2. How do you think your selected image/video relates to chapter 4-6 of the book The Other Wes Moore?

Be sure to post the image/video to the discussion board and to fully explain the connection between your selected image/video and the book.Mini writing assignment #3 TOWM Chapters 4-6 TOMLIN.docx

Chapters 7-8, and Epilogue Discussion Post

Reflect on chapters 7-8 and Epilogue and write a 2-3 paragraph post that answers the following questions:

  1. What personal connections can you make between the book and your life experiences?
  2. How has your thinking changed as a result of reading this book?
  3. Moving forward, how will you use what you have learned from this book to work towards achieving your goals—both academic and personal?

Be sure to fully explain your answers using specific examples from the book (with page numbers) and from your personal experience.Mini writing assignment #4- TOWM Chapters 7-8 and Epilogue TOMLIN.docx

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