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I have this assignment due in 4 days but I want the assignment to be for 2 persons. There is 2 articles that deals with “Struggle for Democracy,” so the topic title you going to choice it should be for 2 persons and should be 2 different answers for each person and I will upload the articles as well that deals with this assignment. Also, I will upload the annotated papers that I did and I will upload the 2 articles that deals with the assignment as well. If there is anything else please let me know and if you can finish the papers earlier I will appreciate it.

Research Paper Draft of Introduction

50 points Due Sunday, May 9, 11:59 pm

  • Introduction paragraph
  • First body paragraph
  • Works Cited page with two sources (not the same sources as on your annotated bibliography)
  • MLA formatted


The purpose of an argument research paper is to teach certain writing and thinking skills:

  • to form a clear opinion about a controversial issue,
  • to understand how various social, cultural, political, and economic influences have led to the controversy,
  • to fairly present these influences and opposing points of view,
  • to support your own point of view with reliable and relevant sources,
  • and to draw a logical conclusion about an issue based on your own research

Being able to clearly express your opinion, support it persuasively, and acknowledge the ways and reasons other points of view differ from your own is both an academic skill and a life skill.


This semester we have read and written about controversial issues, such as women’s right to vote, children and girls’ right to be educated, effectiveness of protest movements, and youth activism in the United States and other countries. We’ve read about two young activists who are passionate about their chosen social issue and fearless about confronting world leaders to take action to resolve these issues. Greta Thunberg and Malala Yousafzai have inspired others around the world for their courage and persistence.


  • Write a draft of the introduction paragraph to your paper.
  • Do not use first person (I, we, my); See Thesis Guidelines, 12.4, on how to give your opinion without using first person.
  • Your introduction should include the following elements:
    • Gain reader’s attention and interest with a hook as the first sentence (an example, brief story, statistic, controversial statement)
    • Brief discussion of the movement you have chosen as your topic
      • context or background (when and how it began)
    • Establish the controversial aspect of the movement that you will argue.
      • Give some reasons for the controversy (these reasons come from your sources and are cited)
      • The controversy and reasons should lead to your thesis.
    • In the last sentence of the introduction, state clearly your argument or thesis.
      • Remember, you are arguing about the movement not its central issue (education, climate, racism, or guns)
      • Your thesis focuses on some controversy around the movement.
      • Here are some examples of controversy
        • The movement’s effectiveness (are there outcomes, results?)
        • Criticism of its leaders and followers, (from whom, valid or not?)
        • Opposition to the movement’s goals, (from whom, valid or not?)
  • Write at least one body paragraph.
    • This paragraph gives the basic information the reader needs to understand your position.
      • Expand on the goals and obstacles of the movement.
      • Present evidence from one of your sources that supports your argument/position.
  • Create your Works Cited page with two different sources than those on your annotated bibliography.
  • Submit your draft and Works Cited page.

I’m requiring that your draft be submitted to a plagiarism checker, Turnitin. The report I receive from Turnitin will show if any information in your paper comes from a source that you have not cited. As we have discussed in this class (see 8.5), all direct quotes from a source must have quotation marks and the source. Even a paraphrase must have a source. I will let you see the report so you can correct your paper by citing the sources. This way you will not accidentally plagiarize. And, on your final paper, you will be careful to cite all your sources.

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