ENGL 1302 CCCC Artificial Int

ARP Checklist—ENGL 1302Because the ARP is a non-traditional research project, you need to be very careful to follow this checklist so you don’t miss something important. The evaluation criteria, the multiple requirements, and a reminder of the overall sense of what I’m looking for are included below. EVALUATIONYour project is graded on three things. Here they are:1. Overall use of artifacts—how the artifacts add to and introduce the overall argumenta. Is the reader engaged by the artifacts you use?b. Do you have two artifacts? Have you included images of both in your paper?c. Do your artifacts successfully introduce the historical context of the topic?2. Format—Organization and Coherencea. How easy is your project to read and understand?b. Do you follow MLA format?c. Is the first part of your paper historical (explaining the artifacts)?d. Is the second part of your paper argumentative (addressing a current issue)?3. Argumentative coherence—is an argument actually present?a. Is the issue or controversy of the project obvious when the second part begins?b. Is your argumentative thesis clear? Do reasonable people disagree (they should)?c. Do you MEET THE SOURCE REQUIREMENTS (see below)?d. Do your points and research ACTUALLY SUPPORT YOUR ARGUMENT?CHECKLISTMost importantly, do you meet the source requirements?___ 8 sources___ 4 academic (peer-reviewed, academic journal articles or books)___ 4 other reliable sources from library databases (newspapers, magazines, etc.)___ Do you cite your sources in MLA format throughout your project?___ Did you email your ARP Planning Doc as requested earlier in the term?___ Did you add your Works Cited to the end of your paper (in correct format)?Next, do you have two different artifacts that help create the context of your issue?___ 2 artifacts (included at beginning of your paper with correct MLA caption below)___ Do you add the artifacts to your Works Cited? (They do not count for the 8 sources)Have you created enough content to meet the word count minimum?___ 2,400 words (minimum and does NOT include Works Cited or headings)DUE DATE on Course Calendar in SyllabusREMINDERIt is important to start your paper with a historical (non-argumentative) discussion of your two artifacts. Your reader should be interested in your artifacts because you’re interested in them and you’ve described them in an interesting way. Next, is the second half of your paper academic and research-oriented? Is your researched argument pertinent and powerful? Do these two things well (artifacts and researched argument), and you’re set!

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