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Instructions: In this assignment, concepts from Week 4 and 5 are combined to help create a supply chain and logistics management plan. In the Week 4 Forum, you discussed 2-3 suppliers needed for your venture. In the supply chain and logistics management plan, you will expand on this list of suppliers by searching for additional suppliers and matching the suppliers with a list of resources needed for your venture. From this list you will compare and contrast the list of suppliers developed.

As we have discussed over the last two weeks, research is important and understanding your competition is vital. Investigate your closest competitor (it is okay if they are more established than you are currently).

Finally, describe your social media plan for interacting with customers and potential customers.

The assignment should be 4- 5 pages, (excluding the title, abstract, and reference pages).

Minimum scholarly 2 resources: APA format

Rubic: Venture Overview (Provide information on venture. Be sure to include name, description of product/services, location, and customer information.)

List required resources needed for product/services. (Include at least three (3) resources needed.)

Research suppliers for each of the resources listed above. (Include at least two (2) possible suppliers for each resource needed. You can use the suppliers listed from the Week 4 forum or search for other suppliers.)

Compare and contrast each of the suppliers. Select the supplier that matches the need of the venture the best and discuss why the supplier was selected.

Competitive Advantage – Investigate one of your competitors. (Include information such as description of their product/service, search their social media to determine customer feedback and reviews. From this information, discuss how your venture matches up to the information you have found. You may want to discuss how your product/service is better by highlighting differences between them and you. You may want to discuss how you would address customer feedback you found.)

Customer Value and Satisfaction – Describe your social media plan for interacting with customers and potential customers. (Include at least two (2) social media platforms and why the two were selected. Discuss how you or your employees will interact with customers on each platform. You may want to include how often you check each platform, what information you will share on each platform, and how to handle satisfied and unsatisfied customers.

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