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develop a Human Resources Capital Plan and a long term Organizational Plan for your new or using an existing company for a (1) new product or service development, (2) market a new business initiative, or (3) strategies to solve a problem with a current organization. 

*Consider Human Resources criteria implications during this course for your business idea.  

Develop the Human Resources Capital and long term Organizational Plan of your new or existing company idea.  The assignment should be written in the following order: 

A. Title Page (include your name, your company’s name, class name, professor, and date) 

B. Develop your Human Resources Capital Plan of your new or existing company idea.  Include a detailed description of at least (3 to 5 levels of employees needed to implement).  You will have written details about the positions include – Job Title, Job Description, Job Specifications, and Job Compensation and Benefits.  Describe in details how these positions will perform your business idea.  (Use one or more of the following resources:  www.glassdoor.com, www.payscale.com, www.indeed.com, or other novel websites to support your findings in your written section).  NOTE:  APA requires all resources to be cited properly.

B2. Create an Organizational Chart of the positions that you created.  NOTE: APA requires all charts/tables/matrix are placed in the Appendix section of your Assignment.

C. Comprise a Long Term (LT) Organizational Plan.  Create a 10-year (2020 – 2030) Organizational Plan to determine at least two (2) specific areas of human resources. 

LT Organizational Plan Ideas may include or not limited to the following:  Health and Safety (COVID-19) Employee Plan, Training and Development Opportunity Plan, Employee Union Support and Collaboration Plan, Family Medical and Leave Act (FMLA) Comprehensive Plan, Employee Recovery Plan from (Layoffs Downsizing Rightsizing) Plan and Employee Opportunity Plan including Education, Savings and Retirement Plan or Diversity and Inclusion Incentive Plan. 

The plans should be detailed in their scope.  It should cover the WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY these Plans are needed by your organization. 

D. Utilize a Cost Analysis of your new plans.  You should have a direct cost analysis included over the next ten 10 years.  It is important to use real numbers when creating the cost plan.  Describe the statement in a detailed written analysis for each year.

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