FGCC Women Were Denied Voting

Response 1:

1) They originally made this law because they did not want African Americans or women to vote at the time. They did this because they did not want their voting system to change.

2) Personally, I believe that the people that opposed against changing the law were afraid of change. Changing the laws sooner would mean that change and difference would have happened sooner. The white men that were controlling the system at the time were afraid that their power would be taken away from them. Therefore, after protesting and women sticking up for themselves there was finally a change.

3) In this video, it is the women in a dull, dark environment. Where everyone’s mood and spirits seem to be broken. After the woman gets escorted to the table with force. She shoved her plate of food to the side. This was a symbol to the others of what’s about to happen to her. Therefore the others push their plates and start singing a song of hope. This is a very powerful representation that the hands of men in power will force their opinions and the point of view down your throat. In this scene, she is shown strapped down and a tube is forced so far down her throat and they put raw eggs and other things in a mixture and pour it down the tube. This to me represents that women had no voice back then. In this film that scene represented what the women felt like during this time period. When they came together that is when the change happened.

Response 2

1. I say Landowning American Men were granted all rights to vote over women because they owned land in a country they owned properties in. I also believe that woman were degraded because of lack of masculine abilities. Woman weren’t looked at like men, with abilities to own and operate land, let alone allowing them to have a say in greater operations such as to vote was frowned upon.

2. American Men and some Woman opposed women from voting because of the lack of trust in a woman or knowledge a woman may have regarding governmental debates like an election. Some women may have also opposed to legal rights of voting perhaps cause of fear of the responsibility it comes with. Per the article, in order to change a law one must vote. This could change some control men have, bringing women into equal opportunity as men.

3. I say this brought perception and realization to Men and the world of the substantial support Alice Paul had from the suffragists. When Alice is being brought into the cafeteria by guards, she sits and refuses to eat and a woman whom clearly supports her movement and effort for women’s rights goes along to the “starving strike”. All other women of the suffragists follow there after. It was obvious that when Alice was being taken from the cafeteria to forcefully feed her, she is an influencer to the rest of the women as they proceeded to sing and continue the strike. The suffragists showed respect and support to Alice as they knew she was persistent and obliging to win over women’s equality to vote. Keeps them confident and strong to see her stand up to the world and men.

Response 3

Subject: Airplane Cancellations

Source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/american…

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Synopsis: Over 850 flights got canceled on Sunday. This is due to multiple reasons. One reason is that staff is extremely short-handed due to the pandemic and not a lot of people traveling. The second reason why flights were canceled was due to the weather.

In my personal opinion, this is not as shocking considering it is flights and usually everyone has a problem at the airport. Was it quite shocking is that many cancelations in one day. According to the article, it states that up to 16% up to it total of flights that day. It is crazy to think that only 850 flights equal up to 16% of their sales. especially with everything being so understaffed these airlines would rehire the employees that got laid of from the pandemic. Some companies have started rehiring employees in order to maintain the flights this week. It is crazy how the pandemic is still affecting certain parts of labor. Personally, I believe the airlines didn’t realize how much pressure and work they put on their employees until this weekend. With 343 cancelations on Friday, 548 on Saturday, and 850 on Sunday. That is 1,741 cancelations within 3 days. IT is a good thing that some of these airlines are taking precautions and hiring more people to keep their flights fully staffed. Also, with fewer restrictions on Covid-19 traveling is starting to become a bigger thing now due to people staying home. Weather is also another big factor. Weather is very important when flying it should always be an airline’s decision if the conditions are unsafe to fly in. This is due to the safety of not only the customers but the staff as well.

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