Financial Report of Pepsi and

At the end of each chapter, there is a case study entitled Comparative Analysis Case. This case looks at the financial statements of The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo, Inc. The financial statements are presented in Appendices C and D, respectively. These can be found in your textbook. The complete annual reports, including the notes to financial statements, are available online. To find an online version of the annual reports, search for the company you are trying to access and then search on the company website for the annual report. You should be able to find comparative years on the website for the years in your appendix, if you cannot you can use another year’s annual report.

Each case has discussion questions pertaining to the chapter covered. To complete the project, choose 3 chapters that interest you and answer the questions presented in chapters that you have chosen in a report form (a paper with introductory, body, and closing paragraphs). The report should be long enough to cover the questions thoroughly and should be double spaced. You can incorporate charts or graphs, if needed, but the report should not only consist of charts and graphs. Be sure to use correct grammar, complete sentences, and cite sources as needed. The minimum report size should be 3 pages. You will be graded on answering the questions correctly and thoroughly. You will also be graded on completing the project per the instructions given; the report should NOT be just a list of questions with answers. It should be a professional report, which would be suitable in a business environment. The 3 chapters are interested to me to write the paragraph are

Ch 16:- Dilutive Securities and Earnings per share

Ch 18:- Revenue Recognition

Ch 19:- Accounting for Income Taxes

Question details:-

The coca cola and Pepsi co. the financial statement of coca cola and Pepsi are presented in appendix c and d respectively the companies’ complete annual reports including the notes to the financial statement are available online


Use the company’s financial information to answer the following questions.

A. based on the information contained in these financial statement determine each of the following for each company

1. Cash used in (for) investing during 2017 from the statement of cash flow

2. What was the total other comprehensive income for the year 2017 ?

3. What was the unrealized gains or losses reported as part of other comprehensive income ?

B. identify from coca cola December 31, 2017 balance sheet the investments it reported as being accounted for under the equity method

C. in note 3, what is coca cola policy regarding its cost method investments

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