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  • What does “Community Psychology” mean to you? How do you think this course will help you in your professional journey.
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My name is Kamila Maldonado. I am 23 years-old. This is my 7th semester in the Mental Health Counseling track. A little bit about me is I come from a Colombian family. I was raised by a wonderful mother and lived with my twin sister and younger sister. Even though I was born in Florida I have always been more in touch with my Colombian side. Being bilingual has also given me the opportunity to reach more indivudals and in the future I will be able to help the hispanic community. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 2 years now. He is from Venezuela with Colombian decent. Seeing through his point of view of what is happening in his country has also given me an opportunity to see how other people cope with traumatic events. We have 3 cats which we recused and adopted. In my free time I love anything outdoors such as kayaking and going to the beach.

    I am currently in my second semeter of practicum at Milestones in Recovery. We specailize in eating disorder with other co-occuring disorders and addictions. My experience taking online courses has been excellent. I have taken online courses since high school and never experienced any issues. I find online courses are flexible and allow students to complete course work throughout the week at their own pace. Especially now during this past year with the pandemic these online courses have allowed us to contnue our education. I am taking this course in order to learn what community counselor is and how I can be an advocate for the community for my client’s to have better resources and understanding of what is at their disposal. I also am interested in the grant process for clinicans who work in non-profit agencies. 

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Hello everyone! My name is Danet and I am a mental health counselor student intern finishing my last semester and practicum. I started my Master’s degree at Albizu in 2019 and used to work full-time at a retail store until last year. I am currently working from home for another company, as well as doing my practicum internship at Regis House via Telehealth. I am originally from Puerto Rico and moved to Miami about 10 years ago. My interests and hobbies have changed a lot during the years, but I do still love and enjoy traveling and bike riding, as well as getting together with friends and having meaningful conversations. I also have 2 kitties who I love and help me cope with stress and anxiety.


My experience with online courses so far has been good. I enjoy more in-person classes as I feel I am more engaged, but I have to say online classes are very convenient, especially when I was working full-time at a retail store. The reason I am taking this course is, in all honesty, because it is mandatory to finish my master’s degree and graduate. But, I do have to say I have taken classes with Dr. Medina in the past and learned a lot from her, so I expect the same with this course and will be happy to learn much more from her. “Community Psychology” to me means the relationship of individuals with their communities and society. As far as how this course would help me professionally, I believe it will help me understand more the quality of life and role that individuals play in their communities as well as learning how to write a grant proposal. I think learning to write a grant proposal will help me greatly in my future career to apply for any type of grant properly and have better chances of accomplishing my goals.

the assignment is due tomorrow at 11:59 pm but I cannot choose more than 23 hours.

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