Gender Variations and Leaders

The term “Gender Variations” helps us understand that there are various genders, and that for each gender, there are also various ways of fitting in (or not!) to that category. Gender expectations are what individuals and society expect from people in a specific gender category. Gender expressions are how individuals express their gender, and this is often done via behavior.

1. In 150+ words, share with us the gender expectations you have encountered. For example, I identify as male and could write about growing up in areas of New England at a time where it was expected that I would prefer camping over baking cookies; that I should be prepared to be in a physical fight; and that I should take leadership roles and care more about career than relationships.

2. In 150+ words, share with us the ways in which you do or do not express a gender. For example, I could write about how I express my maleness by wearing button-down shirts and having a beard, but go against typical male expressions with my musical and drink choices.

3. In 75+ words, respond to a post by a peer and let them know what they wrote that resonates with you. That is, what stands out to you; what did you learn; or what is similar to something you have experienced or felt? Try not to respond to a post that already has multiple responses, and as always, be respectful.

If you feel uncomfortable sharing this information, please feel free to do this exercise about a character from film, tv, books, video games, etc.

Reply to:
1. I identify as a male…to the outside world I’m looked as this huge male and I happen to be black, so there is a lot of expectations that come with all those different identities and luck would have it their all in one, me. I grew up in Vallejo, Ca which has an reputation for being violent and crime driven, so people always had their ideas of what I would be and how i would act, but when i didn’t they felt I failed the standard of where I come from. Looking at many Black males from where I come from, I standout because my behavior doesn’t seem to blend in with rest, such as I was never that thug-like guy like the famous males of Vallejo such as E-40 or Mac Dre, I was anything but that honestly from how I spoke to how I dressed, It was different compared to male peers and what my size expected of me to some degree. The biggest outlier about my identity as a male, is I love “LOVE” I mean at it’s peak, I believe in that romcom mumbo jumbo and hope to have my own one of these days.

2. The ways I express my gender is in the way I dress, I played sports all throughout high school, so you could say I developed a sporty look, such as Nike Tech sweatsuits, and basketball shorts attire and a variety of nike and Jordan sneakers. So to the outside world this screams maleness. Even when it comes to the times I want to dress up and just look nice for myself in a casual formal way, I still portray my maleness from the color scheme and patterns of my flannels or jackets to the jeans I wear, nothing that may signify that I’m something other than male. Another outlet I scream male is my beard, I’m a hairy guy by nature, so my facial hair features standout easily to the naked eye, I make sure I never shave my face bald that will result in me having a baby face and looking like a grown man child. I think the word choice I use portray my gender a lot, but other times they are as bland and genderless as tofu. I think you truly see my word on display depending on the gender I am around, such as if it’s my friends who are female usually it’s moreso soft and subtle words…but if around my guy friends then it is more manly and tough so assert my bull crap dominance which is overrated in society we live(just be you at the end of the day).

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