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Review the material posted about the IHIE and use additional resources if necessary. Write a review about the IHIE and the services provided by the organization. Also discuss the sustainability planning of IHIE and its value. Structure your discussion in a form of introduction, issues discovered, benefits, and challenges.

Discuss the role of HIE in care coordination models. Does HIE system implementation guarantee care coordination in healthcare organization? Provide reason for your answer.

Use the resource below:

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Issues Discovered/Challenges:

Part 3:

Health information exchange (HIE) allows health care professionals to securely access and share a patient’s medical information electronically. Patients also have the capability to access their records (AHRQ). Care coordinators follow care coordination models to create referrals, develop a care plan for the individual, and manage the exchange of information between providers and other human services facilities. Care must be coordinated not only within the practice but also between community settings, labs, specialists, and hospitals (Care coordination). HIE makes this synchronization of care possible. It is used when a referral is sent to a provider. Previous labs and medical history are sent along with the referral to ensure the receiving physician has all the necessary information to continue care. It can help avoid readmissions, avoid medication errors, improve diagnoses, and decrease duplicate testing. There are three main forms of health information exchange used. Directed exchange which gives the ability to send and receive information between providers to support coordination. Query-based exchange which means providers can request medical information from other locations usually used for unplanned care. The last type is consumer mediated exchange which means the patient can aggregate and control the use of their health information. HIE also allows for computerized provider order entry which allows the pharmacy to be part of the care coordination model as well. HIE system implementation does not always guarantee care coordination. Care coordination requires teamwork between the patient and the entire healthcare team. Examples of coordination activities include communicating/sharing knowledge, helping with transitions of care, assessing patient needs and goals, creating a proactive care plan, monitoring and following up with patients, supporting self-management goals, and linking to community services. If the team is unwilling to participate or accept the change this may bring to their workflow, then it will not be effective (AHRQ). They must be willing to perform these activities to guarantee a safe, effective, and efficient way of care. Well designed, targeted care coordination with the use of HIE can improve outcomes for everyone.


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