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you will be demonstrating your ability to think critically about a situation and apply the appropriate ethics code to make decisions about your actions. This is in written paper format. The typical page limit of 3-5 pages is a loose standard for this assignment. Stylistically, please write your paper in APA format including the citation of sources as appropriate. The primary exception to APA format that is acceptable is the voice in which you write. There are four content components for this exam: (1) Identify the possible ethical concerns citing the appropriate code sections for their identification. (2) Work through one of the ethical decision making models covered in this course, clearly identifying and citing the model and corresponding resource so that I know which approach you are implementing. (3) Many of the ethical decision-making models ask that you evaluate the decision you reached. Regardless of whether or not your chosen model explicitly asks you to do this, you are required to imagine an outcome for your decision in the case. (4) Instead of using this evaluation to explain what you would do differently next time, please consider any reactions you might have to the case and how these reactions inform your anticipated work with future clients including but not limited to your ethical challenges as a practitioner, areas beyond your competence, or concerns with which you know you will need careful supervision to function appropriately with clients.

Counseling Case

You have started seeing a young couple in their early 20s through a community mental health center. The couple presented asking for help in resolving their “core issues” with trust and infidelity. After the second session with the couple together, one of the clients stays behind waiting for their significant other to leave. The client asks you to help maintain a secret until they can “work out what to do.” Not committing to the act of secrecy, yet, you inquire what the client means. The client informs you that they are continuing to have multiple affairs and is not using protection with their significant other or their trysts. The client provides two names of individuals as examples. They also note that they recently discovered that they are HIV positive. The client discloses their significant suicidal ideation with a plan and access to means since their HIV diagnosis. The client reiterates the importance of keeping this information a secret until they understand how they want to “deal with the problem.” How do you respond to the client? Do you agree to the secrecy? Do you disclose the clients HIV diagnosis to the partner and/or the identified extra-relational affair partners? How do you respond to and manage the client’s verbalized suicidal ideation?

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