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Technology has helped many sectors of the U.S. economy become more effective and more efficient in providing services for their customers.  The healthcare system is definitely a benefactor of improved technology.  However, the healthcare system is slightly slower than other industries in adopting new technologies related to information management systems.  One reason is that the healthcare sector is made up of a vast array of private and even individual providers.  Another reason has been the concern over patient record privacy and security.  Recently, changes in healthcare policy have given providers incentive to improve technology, especially in health information management systems.

In this assignment, you will assume the role of a healthcare manager and analyze how both policy and advances in technology impact the healthcare organization.  You will have the opportunity to assume a real-world situation and develop a memorandum discussing how advancements in technology and new policies influence strategic business planning at a healthcare organization.

Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:

  • Identify the impact of changing trends in healthcare on strategic development.


  • Article: Giving a Consumer Focus to Strategic Planning in Health Care.
  • File: HCA-430 Strategic Planning Memorandum

Background Information

Imagine that you work for a sub-acute rehab center at a skilled nursing facility in a major metropolitan area.  The area is experiencing changes in demographics consistent with national trends of an aging population.

Your organization prides itself on keeping pace with recent trends in technology, such as implementation of electronic health records and improvements to the health information systems within the organization.

Your job as a mid-level manager is to work with the business development team to help identify changing demographics, as well as changes in technology, that will have a significant impact on your organization.


  1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. Review the article “Giving a Consumer Focus to Strategic Planning in Health Care.
  3. You have been asked to identify how demographic and technology changes will impact the long-term strategic plans of your organization in a memorandum to the business development team using the HCA-430 Strategic Planning Memorandum.docx.
    1. To use the Current Trends Impacting Rehab Center Strategic Planning file, click the link to open the writable .pdf.
    2. Save the form as “Last Name_Title of Memorandum” to your desktop or to a folder.
    3. Complete the writing assignment and Save.
  4. Your first task in this assignment is to identify how demographic changes, which are consistent with estimates of national demographic changes, should impact your facility in the upcoming decade.
  5. Your memorandum will also include:
    1. A discussion of the anticipated impact of current technology trends, especially information management systems.
    2. A brief summary of the policy trends related to the use of technology that your organization needs to understand in order to develop a strategic plan around the impact of that technology.

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