HCCS The Critical Period 1783

This is a cause and effect style paper. Using the political cartoon above, you are to write a short essay about this picture. Interpreting political cartoons is a SNAAP! So, as you study the picture, each element in the cartoon has a “metaphorical” meaning. It is up to you, to figure out the meaning of the cartoon.

To help you get started, there is 1 very big clue: The Critical Period 1783-1789. Find out about this period in American History or the “Confederate Period in American History” and you are well on your way to figuring out this paper. Below, you will find the particulars for the paper.

1. For this short paper, you will need to examine:

  • The attached picture from above.
  • The Articles of the Confederation in the American Perspectives Reader on page 208 – 217.
  • Shays’s rebellion (1786 – 1787) in the American Perspectives Reader pages 218 – 219.
  • The United States Constitution (1791) in the American Perspectives Reader pages 220 233.
  • Give Me Liberty Chapter 7.
  • The Critical Period Of American History by John Fiske (Links to an external site.)

Short Paper 1 Guide:

Critical Elements:

1. Introduction: write an introduction to your essay.

  • Must have: a clear thesis: Make an argument based on the cartoon and the source materials.

2A. Body Paragraphs: this is the meat of your essay, with the goal of providing support for your thesis. The premise of the cartoon is your intended thesis.

  • A paragraph in which you include a description of the items in the picture and their meaning.
  • Included in this: discuss a THEME (fear, anxiety, happiness, anger, joy etc…) really, this can also be achieved in your introduction as well.) And BY WHO? Who felt this way?

2B. Subsequent paragraphs should relate back your identified elements These are your CAUSES…

  • This is where you will need to use your SOURCE materials (primary and secondary sources.) Think of it this way, you are explaining HISTORY through your examples. For example: ANARCHY= an event that was cause of concern)

2C. What are the long term effects? Discuss how the resolution to the problem(s) were resolved. Provide specific examples.

  • Identify the solution to the problem, discuss how the resolution to the problem(s) were resolved. Provide specific examples..be sure these examples relate to the information that you provided as PROBLEMS….

3. You MUST answer these questions and relate the information back to your thesis: (this is a very short paragraph and is YOUR opinion based on YOUR observations.

  • What is the cartoonist’s point of view about the subject portrayed in this cartoon? What evidence in the cartoon supports your interpretation?
  • Some cartoonists create their intended effects through shock value. Is that true of this particular cartoon? How does it produce its effect?
  • Do you believe the cartoonist intends to produce a particular emotional response?
  • Do you believe this cartoon is successful in producing the effect the artist intended? Explain why or why not.
  • Do you feel this cartoon is persuasive? Why or why not?

4. Conclusion: Wrap it all up.

  • Restate your thesis, briefly explain that your major points prove your thesis.

Writing Instructions:

  • 12 point, Times Roman font.
  • NO weird centered or paragraph justifications.
  • 1″ Margins all around
  • Spelling and grammar checked.
  • 8 pages (2000 words).
  • Bibliography or works cited page. Turabian format only. quick guide to citations (Links to an external site.) Be sure to cite all 5 sources I provided and the 2 you found on your own. These need to be in a properly formatted bibliography page.
  • Sources cited within the essay. (Liberally use those footnotes) You need to use footnotes for anything that you: borrow, paraphrase, or directly quote.
  • I provided 5 sources for you to use. You will need to also find at least 2 sources on your own. These need to be from Journal Articles or books.
  • NO Websites such as: Wiki, Encyclopedias, no EDU sites (especially KHAN ACADEMY). GOV websites are OK.

****When you are finished, submit in Canvas. WARNING: Canvas will submit your paper to the TURNITIN database. Your originality score must be under 24%. You only get 1 opportunity to submit your paper. Be sure that you are submitting a clean and perfect artifact.

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