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This week we start a new section in our book, Part 2: Crossroads and Cultures, 500-1450 CE. This forum is all about the exciting developments in downloadand download, which both span from 400-100 CE.

This forum officially worth 30 points, but you can get up to 35 points if you do extra and really get into it. You get up to ten points for introducing a topic (maximum of one topic). You get five points each time you give a thoughtful and particularly informative response to another student. Please limit each post to one paragraph, or two very short paragraphs.

Please do two things in this forum:

1) Please share a paragraph about one of the key items you see in Chapter 8 or Chapter 9, emphasizing how that person, event, trend, or concept is important to the era. You can use an item on one of the handouts, or anything you think is particularly important in either chapter. (For example, it could be “Charlemagne” or “Umayyad” in Chapter 8 or “Pure Land Buddhism” in Chapter 9.) Please make sure you discuss how the item comes up in the chapter. You could also discuss how it relates to major trends discussed in the Intro to Part 2 of our book.

2) Please also include a picture, a map, or a link to help out the class. I encourage students to share material from websites, as long as you make a clear connection to our reading.

3) Please respond to at least four other students. Add some information to what the student shared, or relate their key item to another key item you learned about. For example, if they wrote about the Christians in Byzantium, you could write about how they were similar and different from Christians in Armenia or Egypt. The key thing is to build on what the other person is saying.

When you respond to other students, please try to find students who have fewer than three responses already.

Please join the forum by May 7 by starting a thread on a key item. Please check what is in the forum already, so that you are not repeating a topic someone started. The forum will stay open through the following Wednesday so that students have plenty of opportunity to interact with each other.

I am also enabling the podcast feature, in case anyone would like to do a podcast 🙂 If you do a podcast, please write at least a sentence introducing it, so that people will know what you are going to be talking about before they start the podcast. I do give a few extra points for a good podcast.

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