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I sure struggle when it comes to Greece and Rome. There is so much of interest for the development of Western Civilizations, I want to include it all. Every place we study is of great consequence, of course, and I love them all, don’t get me wrong. Greece and Rome, however, were the models from which the Western world cast itself. Philosophy, politics, art, architecture, literature, myths, theater,…and the list goes on, were influential. I have tried to allow you some room to pick something in option A, while directing us in options B and C. Enjoy!

Option A: Please pick either Greek philosophy (Links to an external site.), Greek art and architecture (Links to an external site.), Greek religion (Links to an external site.), theater (Links to an external site.), politics (Links to an external site.), or Greek warfare (Links to an external site.) as your topic. There are many aspects of Greek politics and culture (Links to an external site.) you can explore. Then provide us with a wonderful entry all about your topic, which will include why you chose it and why it was important. Be sure to merge the text data with the readings from the following website. Identify what time period of Greek history you are discussing (no later than the end of the Hellenistic Age please for this assignment). Don’t forget to respond to one of your peers.

The following cc video I have included is optional.


Option B: For this choice, focus in on the life of Alexander the Great (Links to an external site.) and the Hellenistic world. Please watch the following cc video. Then, discuss the life and rule of Alexander the Great (Links to an external site.). What were the consequences of his military expansion? Evaluate the consequences; were they uniformly beneficial or were some detrimental and why. Respond to one of your peers.

Option C: This option allows you to explore Crete and Mycenaea, which are the formative periods of Greek culture. (Links to an external site.)Browse through the Minoan and Mycenaean art (Links to an external site.). After viewing examples of each, compare and contrast the art and culture of these two civilizations. You may choose any objects or art pieces. Describe a few pieces to us when you post your discussion, tell us why you chose the objects or art, and tell us how the art or objects reflect or relate to the focus of each society. This requires you to describe each (Links to an external site.)society (Links to an external site.) with specific examples drawn from the art/artifacts and readings. In other words, what can art or material objects help us to know about a culture (its hopes, fears, drives, desires, religion, virtues,…). Respond to one other student.

The following optional CC video is on Crete:

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