History Politics and Terroris

As this course surveys various disciplines within the social sciences, your final paper is directly tied into navigating the varying ways one can approach a certain topic. Think about it similarly to the Eller text: he is regularly noting how certain questions are addressed differently by each discipline and does a special focus each chapter on terrorism. You are going to do the same thing, just on a topic of your own choosing.

While you’re not needing to get into a polemical debate between the disciplines, you are going to need to choose a social science topic of interest to you to assemble a set of readings to help you adjudicate it.

To get things going, this assignment has you proposing a topic. This allows me to make sure that you’re on the right track in terms of choosing a project that is explicitly social in nature.

For this assignment, please submit an approximately .5 to 1-page, double-spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font, 1-inch margined page detailing the following the items.  Please note that Canvas will only accept the following file types: .doc, .docx, or .pdf

Your topic must contain the following elements

  • Topic:
    • The broad topic in which you’re interested. Also, why are you interested in this topic/area of study?
      • For example, you can look to something like, “The social factors that influence diet,” “Families and the Great Recession” or “Music and social life”
    • Give some pre-emptive insight into your thoughts: what do you think the is inherently social (regardless of discipline) about this topic?
    • What do you already know about this topic?
  • How would you think about approaching this?
    • Do you have an early inkling on what sort of disciplinary approach might be best suited to this question?  Why do you think this discipline is so well suited?

2 Question are here

1.Longer answer: 1 to 2 fully fleshed out paragraphs.

Eller uses the case of terrorism to discuss how the differing disciplines address the topic. I want you to pick two of the three disciplines (history, politics, economics) and discuss where/how these two disciplines overlap and differ in their approach to terrorism.

2. This is a freebie of sorts. I want you to use this question to tell me what you want to know about the social world. What facets or topic would you like to know more about. You need to give me some insight here and I’ll work to incorporate the most common (and/or most pressing) ideas into the readings on interdisciplinarity. Note: if you do not write something here, you forfeit these points. 

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