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The CDC states that vaccines eradicated some diseases (like polio and diphtheria) in the U.S. Vaccination can prevent certain deadly diseases in infants, children, teens, adults and travelers of all ages. The CDC recommends that children get vaccinated and follow the recommended vaccination schedule, it’s also recommends annual flu vaccine to children and adults as well as other non-routine vaccine for adults and for travelers. Some of the contraindication and precautions for vaccines can be viewed in the Vaccine Recommendations and Guidelines . As of May 2019, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 1,022 cases of the measles nationwide. Fifty-one of those incidences were in California.

Over the past few years, there has a been a movement against vaccines and some families are holding off vaccinating their children. The California Environment Board and Environment, GMOs, Nanoparticles, and Vaccine Policies Initiative (2018) did not make it on the ballot on November 2018 which would have established that people have control over their and their children’s vaccination and prohibit additional vaccines for children who had experienced certain adverse reactions to a vaccine. The current law still allows for medical exemptions, but no more for religious and philosophical reasons. The law gave children now enrolled in school until 2021 to get their required shots.


Initial Post

  1. Discuss your thoughts on the listed questions below:
    • What is your opinion on vaccination?
    • What are vaccines and what are they made of?
    • What is your opinion on vaccination, who should take them and who should avoid them if any? (Support your answer with 2 reputable sources* -)
    • Compare U.S. Vaccination to another country of your choice.
    • What is your opinion on government mandating vaccination? For example, children cannot attend public schools if they aren’t vaccinated, healthcare professionals have to receive specific vaccines before working at hospitals.

Response Post


Useful links:

CDC children’s immunization schedule: CDC Vaccine Schedules

CDC recommendations for adult vaccines: CDC Adult Vaccines

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