HSA 3104 SPC Psychology Healt

Post A)

You have been learning about individuals who are considered vulnerable based upon specific physical, psychological, and social issues. It is important to reflect on how these challenges impact the person’s mental and physical health. To accomplish this, I would like you to think of someone you know that is part of a vulnerable population.

Using an issue that is different than the one being discussed in your Vulnerable Population Paper, in at least 250 words, answer all 3 statements:

1. Identify whether the issue is physical, psychological, or social.

2. Describe the impact this issue has made on the person’s overall health status.

3. What else does this person need to maintain good health. 

Post B)

This module explored various vulnerable populations. Now it is your turn to go more in-depth on these issues by focusing on one specific vulnerable population. In the discussion forum, you were asked to reflect on how various challenges impact health. This assignment asks students to consider how the current health system helps to support these individuals and what else could be done to enhance these supports.

For this assignment, identify a vulnerable population (different than the one used for your A Vulnerable Person Discussion) that has meaning to you. Following the HSA Standards provided below and without writing in first person (i.e., I, me, my, us, we, our, etc.), write a paper 600-800 words using the following outline and including at least three scholarly references.

  • Title Page
  • Introduction
  • Describe the vulnerable population and select a specific HealthyPeople goal, objective that tries to support this population. Provide the objective, baseline statistics and the targeted outcome.
  • Describe 3 specific programs designed to try to improve the specific HealthyPeople goal selected [Remember, here are a lot of these resources listed in the required readings]:
    • one national,
    • one state, AND
    • one local service, program, or initiative in your community that helps provide support for this vulnerable population.
  • Individuals often qualify for more than one program. Include as many resources as are appropriate, and explain how the programs at these different parts of the system (national, state, and local) collaborate to create a safety net for this population.
  • What else could be done to help this population? Be specific. For example, do not just say, “More interventions are needed”. Describe a specific intervention(s),  activity(ies), or strategy(ies).

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