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  1. If you
    please make power point with write down everything I should say, I will add the
    voice on power point. Thank you
  2. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  3. Read, review and check for understanding in the modules:
    1. Three Levels of Marketing Planning
    2. Measuring Success
  4. Imagine you are the marketing and social media manager for a fictional company, Small New Start-Up Company, Inc. (SNSC). SNSC hopes to challenge the entrenched players. You are tasked with preparing a presentation that explains your company’s strategic, functional, and operational social media plans and provides an overview of the organization’s marketing plan to prospective investors of SNSC.
  5. Respond to the following with at least one slide per writing prompt:
    1. Determine the new product SNSC will market.
    2. Consider the reasoning behind your company’s planning strategies; what are their impacts on company operations and the resulting social media activities?
    3. Explain how a SWOT analysis can influence the resulting social media plan.
    4. Define the three levels of planning (strategic, functional, and operational) as well as the steps taken to develop social media plans to reach the SNSC target market.
    5. Include various ways that planning can be measured (for example, marketing metrics).
    6. Explain the marketing department’s organization.
    7. In your presentation to prospective investors, include an overview of the organization’s marketing plan. Respond to the following prompts:
      1. Explain how segmentation strategies can influence how the company reaches its target market.
      2. Explain how the organization uses its positioning statement.
      3. Explain how the 4Ps (product, price, place, and promotion) are used and how they impact the company’s marketing.
      4. Explain how globalization can affect SNSC.
      5. Explain why ethics is important for the organization to consider in its marketing. What biblical principle and reference can you include to support your discussion about ethics?
  6. Requirements:
    1. Prepare a 13-slide voiceover PowerPoint presentation with approximately 30 to 45 seconds of voice narration per slide in the body of the presentation, but no more than 60 seconds of voice narration per slide. Include one slide for the introduction and one slide for references.
    2. Include a minimum of two references from OCLS and/or media resources linked to this workshop.
    3. Include a minimum of one reference from the Bible.

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