IT 270 Southern New Hampshire

Overview: The final project for this course is the creation of a website. Throughout this course, there will be key milestone activities for you to take advantage of
so that you have adequate time to research, analyze, and put together your website. These milestones are designed to build upon each other so that you can get
started on key aspects of your final project and receive valuable feedback from your instructor for improving upon your work as you construct your website.
Remember to always review your Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document for how you will be scored on your final draft submission.

It is always critical to decide and plan in advance for the content and rough design of your final project website. To ensure that all students are starting from the
same point for this and future planning check-ins, assume that your final project is based on the scenario of your “imaginary uncle” asking you to design and
build the first website for his small business. For the purposes of your project check-in at this point, fill in the following fields:

Note: You will complete this assignment in a Word document. Make sure to number your responses to match the questions provided in the worksheet.


It is important for all websites to have a focus on a product or service, even those websites dedicated to a small business—it helps your audience
immediately identify what they came looking for. Keeping in mind the scenario as described above, identify the type of business that your “uncle”
owns. Briefly describe the focus of the website. What type of business does your “uncle” own? (2–3 sentences)


Once you determine whether you will be highlighting one or more products or services on your “uncle’s” website, you should also have a purpose in
mind for highlighting these products/services. Why should visitors (and potential customers) care about these things? Why should a website be built for
this business? (2–3 sentences)


Nearly every website is results-oriented. For example, does not want you to leave the site until after you have made a purchase. The same
holds true here—what is the result, or the most compelling action, you want visitors to take after visiting your “uncle’s” website? (2–3 sentences)


a. Most websites are created with a target demographic in mind—for example, sites that cover video game news typically include content for, and are
designed to appeal to, young men in their late teens and early 20s. Provide a brief description of the target audience you have in mind for your
uncle’s website. (1–2 sentences)

b. Sometimes you need to consider the geographical location of your target audience. For example, a website selling mountaineering or orienteering
equipment is more likely to target their potential audience living in New England or the Rocky Mountain states. Is this an aspect of your audience
you should consider as well? (At minimum, one sentence or less)

c. Estimated typical number of visitors per month or year (approximate number):

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