M2D1 EC Local Government Budg

Part 1

Chapter 4, Bullock et al. presents an overview of the various governmental homeland security structures, including a discussion of federal, state, and local responsibilities. Local government homeland security activities present some challenges quite different from the federal level.

Required text: Bullock, J.A., Haddow, G.D., & Coppola, D.P. (2017). Homeland security: The essentials (2nd Edition). Cambridge, MA: Butterworth-Heinemann Publications

Terrorism prevention and preparedness have added significant strain to already stretched local budgets. Respond to the following:

  • Do you think that local governments should determine their risk and act accordingly, or should they be expected to prescribe to a minimum level of preparedness regardless of the effect it has on other local programs that may suffer because of budget allocations?
  • Discuss what risk factors you are considering within your community as a part of your response.

Part 2

M2D2: Security Versus Liberty

Decorative imageImage credit: Encyclopedia Britannica ImageQuest. (n.d.). Michael Donne/Science Photo Library/Universal Images Group (Links to an external site.) [Photograph]. Retrieved from http://quest.eb.com/search/132_1305605/1/132_13056…

Erik Dahl’s article presents an interesting argument about the growth of the intelligence community since 9/11. Carefully read the article:

Respond to the following:

Question 1
Dahl discusses the reshaping of the U.S. intelligence system over the past ten years and argues that “even though we as a nation decided not to establish a domestic intelligence organization, we have in recent years done just that . . .” Do you agree with Dahl’s argument that we have in fact established a large domestic intelligence establishment? Why or why not?

Question 2
Do you agree with Dahl’s conclusion that while progress has been made, “. . . the development of a vast domestic intelligence structure since 9/11 has moved the balance [between security and liberty] quite firmly in the direction of more security, but less liberty?” Why or why not? List specific examples to support your position.

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